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Wednesday, March 2,2011

Detroit blues star Eddie Kirkland killed in car crash

Guitarist performed in November at Leroy’s Classic Bar & Grill

by Rich Tupica
Detroit blues legend Eddie Kirkland, 87, who played with the likes of John Lee Hooker and Otis Redding, was killed in an automobile accident Sunday while doing what he did since the 1940s ' touring the country and playing the blues.
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Wednesday, March 2,2011

Uncovering the underground press

Former Joint Issue reporter looks back on 1960s Lansing

After writer Ken Wachsberger was released from jail for the first time in 1970 during his senior year at Michigan State University, he was a changed man and had emerged a radical. “Jail changes you; it gives you a whole new perspective," said the 61-year-old from Ann Arbor, who was one of 132 students arrested in 1970 at.
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Wednesday, March 2,2011

A heaven-sent choice

Faith led Deidreanna Potter to become a harpist; now, she's performing at Red Cedar Festival

by Yang Zhang
Growing up in a music family, Deidreanna Potter had to choose an instrument to play. But she didn’t want a common one. Inspired by her Christian faith, Potter picked the harp at age 10. “I was amazed by how many times the harp was called upon in the praise of the Lord, and I thought that must be a pretty good instrument,” she said.
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Thursday, February 24,2011

'The Wizard of Oz': Ding! Dong! The show is dead

MSU musical has technological magic, but is sorely lacking in charm

by Tom Helma
While scenic designer G. Max Maxin has thrown tons of technological video graphic wizardry at the audience in the Michigan State University Theatre production — a spectacular unfolding of everything plus the kitchen sink that a scene designer can do...
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Wednesday, February 23,2011

The green and the black

Coal-fired MSU moves toward energy transition

by Lawrence Cosentino
Holding hand-made valentines with slogans like “clean energy = true love,” a series of student speakers pushed MSU’s “Be Spartan Green” slogan up against the reality of its T.B. Simon Power Plant, the largest on-campus coal-burning power plant in the nation and one of the largest 500 coal plants in the nation.
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Wednesday, February 23,2011

Brohn’s ’Alhambra’ premieres Saturday

Double concerto was inspired by Washington Irving

by Lawrence Cosentino
Master orchestrator and arranger (and Michigan State University alum) William Brohn has crafted many award-winning sonic canvases, from Broadway’s "Miss Saigon," "Wicked" and "Ragtime" (for which he won a Tony for best orchestrations) to intense new takes on Prokofiev’s "Ivan the Terrible" and "Alexander Nevsky.
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Wednesday, February 23,2011

Advice Goddess

Ingrate Expectations and Say Cheesy

by Amy Alkon
Q: I fear my husband has some disability in regard to apologizing. Monday was his birthday. I had a terrible cold, but put myself on enough meds to cook him a wonderful meal and dessert. I felt too sick for sex, so I offered up a, um, very personal massage, but he refused. Later, when I asked for a hug as we got into bed, he said, “I don’t think so.” The next day, he was grumpy and distant. When I finally called him on it, he said he was sexually frustrated (despite the fact that we usually have sex three times a week). The following day, he acted like everything was normal, but I still wanted an apology. I said, “It’d be nice if you’d give me a hug and say, ‘I really appreciate everything you did and I’m sorry for being grumpy.’” He got mad and stormed out, which is typical. The closest he ever comes to apologizing is angrily blurting out that he’s sorry.—Still Waiting
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Wednesday, February 23,2011

Curtain Call

Beckett to Baum: Everybody needs something

by City Pulse Staff
Beckett’s absurdist comedy opened in 1957 and has been analyzed and debated ever since. Lansing Community College’s production features Mary Wardell as Nell, Jonas Greenberg as Nagg, Michael Hays as Hamm and Alex Nagy as Clov. It’s directed by Andy Callis.
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Wednesday, February 23,2011

Not to be mist — uh, missed

Riverwalk’s ’Hairspray’ is a stylish sensation

by Paul Wozniak
From cult B-movie to Broadway hit, the aerosol-inspired “Hairspray” is setting the Riverwalk Theatre stage ablaze. Written and composed by Mark O’Donnell and Thomas Meehan, this pro-justice musical openly mocks ignorance and racial phobias while stomping and sliding to the rhythm of early rock and roll.
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Wednesday, February 23,2011

Don't be a Drag Just see a Queen

Chrome Cat and Spiral dress up their shows

by Mary C. Cusack
There have been two significant changes since my last address. The first one is that the Chrome Cat in Old Town has settled on Wednesdays for its drag night. The bar began a Tuesday drag show around the time that Club X-Cel was ending its shows, and changed it to Wednesdays last fall.
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