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Wednesday, May 5,2010

Leave it to (Wild) Beaver

What’s in a name? Depends whom you talk to

by Megan Murphy
The Wild Beaver Saloon, the fourth franchise in a mini-chain, opened its doors last Friday at 205 S. Washington Square. With Seymour the beaver as the mascot and an all-female waitstaff dubbed “The Beaverettes,” this place is bound to get some feedback.
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Thursday, April 29,2010

The Screening Room

Down in the 'Valley'

by James Sanford
A recent letter on film critic Roger Ebert’s website asked Ebert if he knew when he was scripting it that “Beyond the Valley of the Dolls” was an exploitation film. Ebert’s answer is succinct: “It was many things. It was above all a satirical comedy.”
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Wednesday, April 28,2010

Graceful uplift

Israeli singer Noa brings message of peace

by Lawrence Cosentino
Palestinian-Israeli singer Miri Awad, to the friendship and coexistence,” she said. Wharton Center Wednesday. The lyrics to “There Must Be Another It sometimes seems as if Israelis and Way” put it this way: “When I cry, I cry for Palestinians will never find common ground, both of us.
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Wednesday, April 28,2010

LSO takes the Fifth

Chopin, Beethoven finish symphony season

by Lawrence Cosentino
Before Beethoven, most symphonies were glorified dance cards ' ah, here’s the minuet, my dear. After Beethoven, those little dance movements ballooned into the Seven Ages of Man. Beethoven’s Fifth dives straight into the fire of inner struggle, beginning with that awesome opening shudder.
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Wednesday, April 28,2010

Better pluck next time How to pick up gorillas

by Amy Alkon
Oh, what a terrible thing, promoting “American standards of beauty.” Footbinding? Clitoridectomy? Naw, plucking tiny hairs above a woman’s lip. Quick! Somebody start an international human rights organization! (Maybe something spelling out the acronym MORONIC.
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Wednesday, April 28,2010

Conservation vs. construction

Politics become personal in Dave Dempsey’s novel

by Bill Castanier
His first journey into fiction, however, borrows deeply from his love of the environment and is aptly called “Superior Shores: A Novel of Conservation.
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Wednesday, April 28,2010

1st Sunday & other gallery walk

by City Pulse
 New Exhibits Haze Art Gallery Featuring unique jewelery by Middy Church & Sandi Leister and a photo exhibit by Janice Gross. Reception: 1 – 4 p.m. May 2. Hours: 10 a.m.-7 p.m. T – S, 1-4 p.m. Su. 306 E. Grand River Ave., Lansing. (517) 372- HAZE. www.hazeartgallery....
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Wednesday, April 28,2010

'Third' isn't quite first-rate drama

Awkward acting hobbles provocative premise

by Paul Wozniak
Are the East Coast liberals really any more open-minded than the Midwest conservatives? The late playwright Wendy Wasserstein did not seem to think so. In her play "Third," currently being performed at the Creole Gallery by the Peppermint Creek Theatre Co.
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Wednesday, April 28,2010


Despite gorgeous singing, ’Pacific’ doesn’t hold water

Um, no thanks. “South Pacific”s" most recognizable number, “Some Enchanted Evening,” is trotted out three full times, and the far more rousing “Bali Ha’i” at least gets a reprise.
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Wednesday, April 28,2010

Turn It Down

High-strung rock with hooks

by Rich Tupica
It’s just me doing almost everything, but I can’t play drums so Scott Bozack, who also recorded it, played drums. Isaac VanderSchuur (The Hat Madder) played some guitar on it and my friend Dave Brunger added some slide guitar. I just started layering. I wanted to make a nice headphone record that also rocks.
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