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Wednesday, March 16,2011

Uneven ’Akimbo’

Like its teenage heroine, Stormfield’s dark comedy is still finding its way

by Paul Wozniak
A daughter who is dying quickly, a mother who is dying slowly, a father who is killing himself, and a baby to be born in the midst of it all: It sounds dark ' and it is ' but David Lindsay-Abaire’s play "Kimberly Akimbo" is wickedly funny, especially while juggling subjects of death and domestic turmoil.
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Wednesday, March 16,2011

Kung Fu: Offbeat ' but a treat

You’ll get a kick out of these Szechuan sensations

by Joe Torok
On one hand, there’s pig blood curd, pork intestine, or stir fried kidney; on the other, General Tso’s chicken, sweet and sour shrimp or beef with broccoli. While most Midwestern diners pull back curtain B, those who subscribe to the Anthony Bourdain school of adventurous eating would surely opt for the former.
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Wednesday, March 16,2011


MSU festival highlights the international appeal of chamber music

by Gabi Moore
Students in the Michigan State University College of Music will get a chance to see how their instruments are played in other countries when the 11th annual Cello Plus Chamber Music Festival comes to East Lansing.
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Wednesday, March 16,2011

MSU Museum holds annual wine tasting benefit

by Michael Brenton
Tables featuring wines from the Toro, Rias Baixes and Priorato regions of Spain will encourage learning about these high quality but lesser known (in this country) wines.
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Wednesday, March 16,2011

Turn it down: A survey of Lansing's musical landscape

by Rich Tupica
Metro Bowl is back with ‘Friday Night Blues’ From the 1960s through the 1980s, Metro Bowl was a Lansing hotspot for not only bowling and drinks but also live music. In the past three years the complex, which is under new management, has hosted “Tejano Saturday” and recently launched “Friday Night Blues,” a weekly live blues show inside The Metro, the club portion of the complex.
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Wednesday, March 16,2011

The Screening Room

Sci-fi schlock fights a losing ’Battle’ with reality

by James Sanford
Last weekend, you could turn on any TV or access any Internet news site and see horrifying footage of Japanese cities crumbling or being pummeled by massive waves. Or you could go to the movies and watch the destruction of Southern California in “Battle Los Angeles,” an empty-headed attack-of-the-aliens flick.No prizes for guessing which sight was the more disturbing.
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Wednesday, March 16,2011

Curtain Call

On stage this weekend: Golden Tickets, gold records — and black eyes

by Christopher Horb
You don’t need a golden ticket and you certainly don’t need to be an Oompa Loompa to sample the many flavors of the strange and musical world of Willy Wonka. East Lansing High School offers everyone a chance to meet the Candy Man when the curtain rises on “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”.
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Wednesday, March 16,2011

Out of Africa

’Culture ambassador’ from Benin shares his art

by Yang Zhang
Born in the West African republic of Benin, Pierre Adjibogoun learned wood carving at age 8 from his father. As an adult, he has made it his career.Adjibogoun’s work — from wood sculptures to hand-made necklaces and earrings, from batiks to tie-dyes — is on display in the "Reflections of Life" show, through March 31, at Grove Gallery Co-op in East Lansing.
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Tuesday, March 15,2011

Turning sound around

Lansing native delves into experimental music with Loop Goat project

by Rich Tupica
A “loop” is a short section of sound that’s repeated continuously, creating an entirely new track. It’s something Jessica Arnold fully embraces with her solo project Loop Goat.
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Wednesday, March 9,2011

Out of the maw of Minnesota

Globetrotting St. John’s Chorus makes a stop in Lansing during national spring tour

by Lawrence Cosentino
When the 46-voice St. John’s University Men’s Chorus rattles the apses and naves of Lansing’s First Presbyterian Church Saturday, local music lovers will have a chance to witness one of America’s regional wonders without hitting the interstate..
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