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Wednesday, January 12,2011

Turn it Down: A survey of Lansing’s musical landscape

by Rich Tupica
Blues guitarist extraordinaire Bobby Murray played guitar for Etta James for 25 years and recorded with B.B. King and T-Bone Walker. On Friday, the Bobby Murray Band performs at Leroy’s Classic Bar & Grill.
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Wednesday, January 12,2011

The Screening Room

Silence says it all in 'Mademoiselle Chambon'

by James Sanford
Although “Mademoiselle Chambon” begins with a family discussing the mysteries of grammar, language is almost beside the point in director Stéphane Brizé’s tale of temptation in a small French town.
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Wednesday, January 12,2011

Curtain Call

’Nuns,’ ’Maine’ take the stage

by Christopher Horb
The nuns depicted by playwright Vicki Quade may not sing or dance, a la “Sister Act” and they certainly don’t fly like Sally Field did on 1960s TV screens.
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Wednesday, January 12,2011

'Jazz: Spirituals, Prayers and Protests' comes to MSU

Two Sunday concerts honor Martin Luther King's legacy

by Alyssa Gienapp
Three Michigan State University jazz groups will celebrate the life of Martin Luther King Jr. in “Jazz: Spirituals, Prayers and Protests.” The concert — to be performed twice on Sunday — features Michigan State University’s Jazz Orchestras I, II, and III, playing pieces by Max Roach and Booker Little.
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Thursday, January 6,2011

Cooking up something new

Creating Michigan Culinary Destinations conference happens Jan. 10

by Yang Zhang
(Thursday, Jan. 6) On Jan. 10, a diverse range of businesses will celebrate Michigan’s culinary assets and share ideas to promote culinary tourism at East Lansing’s Kellogg Center.
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Wednesday, January 5,2011

Calluses and clouds

Kondonassis brings hard-core harp music to Lansing Symphony

by Lawrence Cosentino
No wonder there’s so much work for Yolanda Kondonassis, the guest soloist at Lansing Symphony’ Orchestra’s Saturday concert Kondonassis has spent the last 20 years demonstrating the harp’s staggering range, from Baroque rigor to Latin fire to French languor and way beyond.
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Wednesday, January 5,2011

Advice Goddess

Home is where the fart is & Love has come to sty

by Amy Alkon
Q: My wife of eight years is a really good person but always needs reassurance that she’s attractive. I’m finding that difficult because, on a typical night, she takes a dump in our master bathroom with the door open, saunters over to our bed with a few open sores on her face from picking her zits, rips a fart, and comes at me for a kiss. I give her a peck and dive under the covers so she won’t think I’m interested in sex. She then feels rejected and unloved. When I point out specific things that turn me off, she’s offended. She apparently expects me to be supernaturally attracted to her despite her actions (always wearing nasty sweatpants, hair in shambles, etc.). I don’t expect her to dress up, just to try to look a little cute. If only she’d see herself as a beautiful, seductive, confident woman, and act like it — instead of acting like her girlfriends, who brag that they’ve “trained” their husbands to accept their burping, farting, etc. Am I completely ignorant about true love?—Troubled But Committed
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Wednesday, January 5,2011

1st Sunday gallery walk & other exhibitions

by City Pulse Staff
Please note: Because of the New Years holiday last weekend, some galleries are holding receptions this Sunday and others have scheduled receptions for Jan. 16.
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Wednesday, January 5,2011

Closing the book on 2010

’Rich Boy,’ ’Just Kids’ among the year’s finest literary works

by Bill Castanier
Pomerantz, who teaches writing at the University of Michigan, comes to Ann Arbor by the way of Philadelphia and New York and drops her no-holds-barred character in search of the American dream into the Big Apple of the free-wheeling ’60s, ’70s and...
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Wednesday, January 5,2011

Helping Hands

4100 S. Cedar St., Lansing. M-Sat 11 a.m.-8 p.m. (517) 993-5336

by City Pulse
Strains vary in price from $15-$25 per gram. At $25 a gram, Apollo, a sativa strain, was definitely the best bud offered at the time. The buds were thick and sticky with oozing trichomes that carried a sweet, citrus aroma. Similar to the popular Super Lemon Haze strain, the smoke tasted sweet, fruity and went down smooth.
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