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Wednesday, July 14,2010

The Screening Room

Nicolas Cage takes up Mickey’s mantle

by James Sanford
It took producer Jerry Bruckheimer almost 20 years to cash in on the “Indiana Jones” series with his “National Treasure” franchise. He must be picking up the pace: “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” arrives a mere nine years after the first “Harry Potter” film hit theaters.
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Wednesday, July 14,2010

Vegging out

Bella Ruse hits the road — with help from vegetable oil

by Craig Burge
It’s this ingenuity combined with Bella Ruse’s hard touring work ethic that has seen Gillette and guitarist Joseph Barker embark on three national tours and record three EPs in the space of only a year..
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Monday, July 12,2010

All about Adam

Glam is the name of Lambert's game at Common Ground

by Chelsea Balducci
Adam Lambert — or “Glambert,” as most pop culture addicts would call him — has moved from show tunes to “American Idol” to becoming a glittered glam-rock sensation. Known for his sequined parachute pants and sexually charged stage show, Lambert (who’ll perform Teusday at Common Ground Music Festival) isn’t one to shy away from controversy. “If people are really losing their minds and getting really crazy, it kind of fuels me,” he said in a phone interview last month. “It’s a lot easier for me to really get into it. Sometimes you feel friskier than other times.”
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Friday, July 9,2010

'Mountain' of love

Fun-filled gospel hootenanny will make you want to testify

by Mary C. Cusack
This is the perfect weekend for Lansing Community College’s latest “Summer Stage Under the Stars” offering. Warm and muggy well into the evenings, the weather literally helps set the atmosphere for the smokin’ "Smoke on the Mountain." The setting is a North Carolina Baptist church in June, 1938. The outdoor set is a big, realistically-rendered, slightly rustic church interior. Between that and a naturally hot and humid night, it is easy to feel like a part of the congregation, which is the intention. There is no fourth wall, as the cast present a musical church service in real time.
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Thursday, July 8,2010

Art Alley opens its doors Friday

Photographer Lewis Smith will be showcased at REO Town gallery

by James Sanford
Tom Stewart is about to launch an incubator. But instead of hatching eggs, he hopes to launch a new era of opportunity for artists. Stewart is the president of the Center for New Enterprise Opportunity, the group behind Art Alley, which is holding an open house from 4 to 7 p.m. Friday. Art Alley is located at 1133 S. Washington Avenue in the REO Town neighborhood.
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Thursday, July 8,2010

Silent Lapse holds benefit concert

Show will raise money for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma patient

by Jane Alexander
Members of the band Silent Lapse are reaching out to help Emily Hepker, with a benefit concert at 8 p.m. Friday at The Loft. Hepker, a friend of the band, has battled Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma for three years. The band hopes to help pay her medical bills and travel expenses throughout the process of her fourth round of chemotherapy.
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Wednesday, July 7,2010

Man of two worlds

Broad Museum adviser Carl Koivuniemi is equally at home in Michigan or Manhattan

by Lawrence Cosentino
This month, he’ll join about 100 farflung relatives for a reunion on the Lake Michigan dunes, following a 56-year tradition. He grew up in tiny St. Ignace, at the north end of the Mackinac Bridge, where many of his fellow Finns still dwell among the pines and pasties.
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Wednesday, July 7,2010

The woman who mistook her sinkhole for a boyfriend & Single trite female

by Amy Alkon
of his clinginess until we moved in together. If I want some “me time,” he gets offended. If I don’t stand or sit next to him or cuddle with him, he claims I don’t like him. If I eat lunch with a friend instead of him (as I do daily), he’s upset. Even when we spend time with my family, there are repercussions (moping and drama when we get home).
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Wednesday, July 7,2010

Controversial or a classic?

’To Kill a Mockingbird’ still inspires debate

by Bill Castanier
Fifty years after its publication, "Mockingbird" is still the subject of intense debate. Lee, who never published another novel, has not said a word about the novel’s meaning or offered any insight into the ambiguities of race and equal justice laid out in the story.
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Wednesday, July 7,2010

’Skungpoomery’ is the word at LCP

by City Pulse
The Lansing Civic Players will add a few new entries to your dictionary when “Skungpoomery” opens Friday,. The familyfriendly comedy is directed by Ann Carlson. The cast includes Adam Carlson, Maria George, Brian Hosler, Kathryn Renaldi-Smith, Andrew Snyder, Parri Rich, Charlie Ogar, Crystal Carlson and Abigail English.
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