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Wednesday, January 19,2011

Curtain Call

by Christopher Horb
Lost in the ’Woods’What happens when the ties of family that bind us start to constrict?According to “Over The River And Through The Woods” director Rick Peterson, the answers to that question are both humorous and heart-warming.
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Tuesday, January 18,2011

New 'Stomp'-ing grounds

Revised and restructured show returns to Wharton Center

by Alyssa Gienapp
Expect something new when “Stomp” returns to the Wharton Center Friday. Two new full-scale routines are part of the show, as well as updated and restructured sections. But the percussion pageant is staying true to the original premise, said performer Donisha Brown: to create music with everyday objects instead of normal instruments.
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Monday, January 17,2011

Don't I know that guy?

John Lepard guest stars in Tuesday's 'Detroit 187'

by James Sanford
Don't be surprised if you see a familiar face on "Detroit 187" Tuesday night. John Lepard, Williamston Theatre's artistic director (and frequently a performer there as well), is one of the guest stars as Cyrus Layton, head of Detroit's violent crimes unit.
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Thursday, January 13,2011

Float like a butterfly, sting like a B-movie

'Green Hornet' tries so hard, it becomes a trying experience

by James Sanford
Much more of a Seth Rogen showcase than it is a costumed crime fighter flick or a Michel Gondry ("Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind") film, "The Green Hornet" transports the masked avenger from 1930s radio -- and 1960s TV -- into a new century. Or perhaps it's more accurate to say it drags him in: Although the movie aims for a playful, devil-may-care attitude, you can always hear the gears grinding, the belts squeaking and the engine rumbling.
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Wednesday, January 12,2011

Carrying a giant on his shoulder

MSU professor helps reggae legend Isaacs get a last Grammy nod

by Lawrence Cosentino
Right to the end, Isaac Kalumbu called Gregory Isaacs “Mr. Isaacs.”Growing up in Zimbabwe, Kalumbu never imagined he would meet his musical idol, dubbed “ruler of reggae” by The New York Times — let alone hang with him in Jamaica, record with him, and help him get a fourth Grammy nomination.
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Wednesday, January 12,2011

Smoothies — with a kick

Kondonassis, LSO mix show and substance

by Lawrence Cosentino
Over the past five years, Muffitt has excelled at keeping butts in seats while stretching the brains above them. With each subscription concert, he has found a way to expand Lansing’s classical music experience without sending the squeamish into the streets screaming for Andre Rieu.
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Wednesday, January 12,2011

Advice Goddess

Extremely old spice & Getting to null her better

by Amy Alkon
Where you went wrong is in not shutting the guy down right away. You don’t make a date with a guy to tell him you don’t want to date him. You especially don’t when the guy starts hitting on you at defcon “Let’s play Doctor Zhivago!” Chances are, you didn’t respond as you did because you’re some naive bunny, but because you’re a woman.
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Wednesday, January 12,2011

Off to the races

A National Book Award finally puts Gordon in the winner’s circle

by Bill Castanier
Racing slang comes naturally after reading Jaimy Gordon’s extraordinary National Book Award-winning novel “Lord of Misrule,” about a down-on-its-luck racetrack and its denizens. When the award was announced Nov. 17 most writers referred to “Misrule” as a longshot or a dark horse that had no chance at the Winner’s Circle.
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Wednesday, January 12,2011

Soul food with a Cajun twist

Granny Bee’s features many Southern classics, from gumbo to po’ boys

by Joe Torok
So with relatives from the likes of Yazoo City and Baton Rogue and Shreveport, La., McWright has developed a menu that intermixes regional styles of authentic Southern recipes that any Cajun ' or Creole-phile ' would love, although the heart of the menu, McWright says, is soul food.
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Wednesday, January 12,2011

LansingMusic.tv rocks the Web

Three guys from Dewitt launched a music channel to showcase noteworthy local performers

by Rich Tupica
With a few digital cameras and computer programs, LansingMusic.tv founders Sean Bradley, Casey Cavanaugh and Austin Howard produce interviews and shoot live performances by local musicians from every genre. The DIY station also posts written album reviews, show previews and other local news.
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