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Wednesday, July 21,2010

The families that play together

People’s Temple keeps refining its sound

by Sean Bradley
“I think it only helps the band because we’re always around each other, it’s easy to practice," he said. "George and Alex are in one house and Spencer and I are in the other house. It’s easy just to intermingle your schedules to practice, record and play shows.
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Monday, July 19,2010

Update: Brannigan Brothers stays open...for now

The popular downtown bar and restaurant stays open amid legal confusion

by City Pulse Staff
Happy hour at Brannigan Brothers was like any other on Thursday evening. Five bar stools had butts in them, three women were sharing chips and dip and white wine, three servers scrambled about, Top 40 music was over the radio, ESPN was on the televisions and the Bell's Oberon was cold.
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Thursday, July 15,2010

Brain sprain

Christopher Nolan's

by James Sanford
There are movies that wash over you, like a shower. There are movies that hit you in the face, like a blast of freezing rain. And then there’s writer-director Christopher Nolan’s “Inception,” which hurls you into the center of a whirlpool and never gives you an opportunity to find your bearings for the next two and a half hours.
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Wednesday, July 14,2010

Taken by Gypsies

Virtuoso guitarist digs a Django groove

by Lawrence Cosentino
Jorgenson, 54, has backed a lot of heavyweight artists, from Sting and Streisand to Luciano Pavarotti, Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash. He scored critically and commercially in the country-jazz Desert Rose Band and the three-guitar supergroup The Hellecasters.
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Wednesday, July 14,2010

A new synonym for ’stinkeroo’

’Skungpoomery’ defines how bad theater can be

by Tom Helma
“Skungpoomery,” by the late British playwright Ken Campbell, fails on both counts. The word skungpoomery ' itself a made-up word ' is intended to describe the process of making up other nonsense words because the words we use to describe ordinary things are, well, too ordinary.
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Wednesday, July 14,2010

Thin Line Between Love And Haight

by Amy Alkon
jealous and flew out a few times to see me until I said yes to getting back together. We’ve had a phone relationship since January, with visits whenever possible. Well, I’m starting grad school on the East Coast, and won’t be mobile for three years. But, as for moving to be with me, he’s now saying he doesn’t know if he can leave San Francisco.
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Wednesday, July 14,2010

American history on the rocks

’Last Call’ reveals facts and myths about Prohibition

by Bill Castanier
It’s easy to picture author Daniel Okrent at a large oak table, huddled over diaries, letters and old books and taking notes with a No. 2 pencil. After all, he spent five years researching his most recent book, “Last Call: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition.
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Wednesday, July 14,2010

He’s got game

Comic Steve Hofstetter went from sportswriter to stand-up star

by Gabi Moore
Steve Hofstetter likes sports. He said he’s always been somewhat of an athlete, but he was never “awesome.” “I wasn’t someone who would get picked first,” he said in a phone interview. “There’s a phrase that winners want the ball, and I never wanted the ball.
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Wednesday, July 14,2010

TURN IT DOWN: A surevey of Lansing's musical landscape

In with the ’Old’

by Rich Tupica
While its official release isn’t until July 20, Bermuda Mohawk Productions will host the Frank and Earnest "Old Francis” EP release show on Friday. Frank and Earnest consists of ex- and current members of the Lansing-based Cartridge Family, The Tease, Hell or Highwater and Shoelace.
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Wednesday, July 14,2010

Hungry for ’Love’

Williamston Theatre has an appetite for musical comedy

by James Sanford
While that song isn’t included in the Williamston Theatre’s “Five Course Love,” Gregg Coffin’s script expresses similar sentiments as it showcases a quintet of miniature musical comedies, each set in a different restaurant/bistro/café/cantina/trattoria.
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