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Thursday, December 16,2010

Detroit Film Critics Society announces winners

Colin Firth, Jennifer Lawrence, Christian Bale and Amy Adams take top prizes in acting categories

by City Pulse Staff
The Detroit Film Critics Society has announced the Best of 2010 nominees and winners in eight categories. It's the fourth year the group — whose members include City Pulse arts and culture editor James Sanford — has awarded honors to outstanding films, filmmakers and performers. The 20 critics who make up the DFCS live and work within a 150-mile radius of Detroit, including the cities of Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids and Flint.
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Wednesday, December 15,2010

Frenzy in Dexter

Michigan printer rides Twain juggernaut

by Lawrence Cosentino
Until now, this mid-sized company has turned out high-quality, university-press obscurities like “Historical Atlas of West Virginia,” “Flowering Plants: Smart Weeds to Hazelnuts,” and a door-stopper called “Comprehensive Literature of the Reptilia, Vol.
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Wednesday, December 15,2010

Advice Goddess


by Amy Alkon
Q: My husband surfs the Internet for porn and pictures of women when he’s bored. I want to accept this, but I can’t help but feel insecure and betrayed. He doesn’t watch porn when I’m home, but if I were gone more often, I think he’d be hopping online. I don’t snoop; I just see clues. Yesterday, I returned from a quick errand, and he’d left up a search for “Serena Williams swimsuit photos.” Pretty harmless, but it still stabbed me in the heart! He’s a deeply caring and sensitive man, and has been willing talk to me about this. He suggested I look at pics of men or porn, and said he wouldn’t feel threatened, just happy if I’m feeling good. It still drives me nuts and makes me less sexually giving to know that when I leave my house he’s fantasizing about other women.—Trying
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Wednesday, December 15,2010

Michigan masters

Notable Books list honors the state's best

by Bill Castanier
The Library of Michigan’s annual awards (which were announced Monday) honored Jaimy Gordon’s “Lord of Misrule,” the 2010 National Book Award Winner; National Book Award finalist Thomas Lynch (“Apparitions & Late Fiction”); and two Pulitzer Prizewinning writers, Bryan Gruley (“The Hanging Tree”) and Philip Levine (“Detroit Disassembled”).
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Wednesday, December 15,2010

Homemade Hydroponics/Alternative Medicine

930 E. Mt. Hope Ave., Lansing M-Sat 10 am-7 pm; Sun 11 am-5 pm; (517) 580-4009

by City Pulse
Since opening a few months ago, Homemade Hydroponics/Alternative Medicines has been providing patients with a steady stream of quality strains at good prices, no membership necessary. They also advertise for clones, smoking accessories and medibles. However, availability of foods beyond hard candy pieces is rare.
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Wednesday, December 15,2010

Word economy: New Fiction 440 offers challenges for local authors

by Gretchen Cochran
English composition teachers take heart. The Lansing area has had its first public taste of flash fiction and the samples were clever, funny, imaginative, poignant and, at all times, pithy. The event was the kick-off for a series of monthly happenings; the next will take place Jan.
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Wednesday, December 15,2010

For the most part, '9 to 5' works

Musical adaptation of the hit film could use a little more '70s flavor, but it provides some good fun

At one point during the performance of “9 to 5,” Dolly Parton’s face is projected onto a screen, beseeching the audience, essentially, to spread the good word about the show if they liked it, and if they didn’t, to keep their big mouths shut. But Dolly, what if I mostly liked it but still found some room for improvement? Can I tell the people to go see it but cut it some slack? I was certainly willing to give it a little wiggle room. I mean, as a red-blooded American, you can’t not love Dolly Parton.
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Wednesday, December 15,2010

Turn it Down: A survey of Lansing’s musical landscape

by Rich Tupica
In 2008, after graduating from Columbia College in Chicago with a music composition degree, Keeler’s sound began to morph into a polished blend of Sam Cookestyle soul and Tom Waits, while still staying true to his ‘90s alternative roots. Catch his latest band, Ben Keeler and the 500 Club, live at The Loft on Thursday, Dec.
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Wednesday, December 15,2010

Get over it

Local practitioners flip over the parkour craze

by Adam Molner
Far from the rich history of Marseille and overshadowed by the glitz and glamour of Paris ' one of its neighbors in the Ile-de-France region ' the French town of Lisses sits outside even the peripheral vision of the eyes of the world. From this modest town has sprung the parkour revolutione.
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Wednesday, December 15,2010

The Screening Room

Why Disney is keeping 1982 'Tron' out of sight

by James Sanford
What if someone announced plans to make a sequel to the Wachowski Brothers’ “Speed Racer,” or the infamous Ben Affleck/ Jennifer Lopez vehicle “Gigli”? If you were asked to help bankroll the eagerly awaited follow-up to Bruce Willis’ “Hudson Hawk,” would you reach for your checkbook?.
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