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Wednesday, July 28,2010

I am a camera

Kids tell their stories through snapshots

by Jessica Carreras
Photos from youth in the Literacy Through Photography program, along with shots from the organization’s Children With Incarcerated Parents program, will be shown at Old Town’s Creole Gallery through Aug. 29; a reception is scheduled from 6 to 9 p.m. Friday, for an exhibit called “Cameras in the Capital City.
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Thursday, July 22,2010

A Jolie good time

Angelina gets a high-impact workout as a spy on the run in ‘Salt’

by James Sanford
If you’ve never understood the appeal of Angelina Jolie, “Salt” may be required viewing. It’s a vehicle designed to show off its star in all her glory, and director Philip Noyce and director of photography Robert Elswit are obviously die-hard fans of their leading lady, who puts in overtime here to earn her paycheck (which was reportedly $20 million).Jolie has never been one to try to get by on a pretty face and some sex appeal. Like Susan Sarandon, Sigourney Weaver, Michelle Pfeiffer and other beauties of the previous generation, she knows you need more than just good looks to carry a movie. Jolie’s spellbinding, swimming pool-deep eyes let us know she always has something cooking in her kitchen, and it’s usually worth waiting for.
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Thursday, July 22,2010

Poetry for peace

Capitol performers take a stand against violence

by Jessica Carreras
If anyone wonders whether there’s any young talent left in the state of Michigan, New Citizens Press publisher and former Lansing City Council candidate Rina Risper has an answer: a big, resounding ‘yes.
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Wednesday, July 21,2010

Home Invasion Is Where The Heart Is & Swept Off Her Feed

by Amy Alkon
in, made us strip to our underwear, then bound and gagged us. We were tied in chairs, back to back, but were able to hold hands. (We weren’t hurt, and my mom came home and untied us a couple hours later.) I’ve always been attracted to this woman, but she has a boyfriend.
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Wednesday, July 21,2010

A moo-ving tale

Former Lansing author works unusual twists into ’The Drifts’

by Bill Castanier
Some of the plotlines may be over the top, but Vernon uses them to convey the central themes of stereotyping, outsiders and survival. The book, set in rural Arkansas during a blizzard, finds the characters not only confronting their demons, but also committing acts of violence.
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Wednesday, July 21,2010

From ’Hairy’ to Scheherazade

Fantasy finds its way to local stages

by City Pulse
“Arabian” is playwright Mary Zimmerman’s adaptation of “The Book of The Thousand Nights and One Night,” chronicling the mesmerizing tales of the skilled storyteller Scheherazade, who must keep spinning suspenseful yarns to avoid being executed by the foultempered king who has married her.
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Wednesday, July 21,2010

Can you taste the ’Love’ tonight?

Williamston Theatre cooks up summer fun with a zany musical

by Paul Wozniak
“Five Course Love” may be light fare from a dramatic standpoint, but it is certainly a tasty and satisfying dish worth trying. A musical that fits cozily on the Williamston Theatre stage, “Five Course Love” offers a variety of flavors for a broad palate, with plenty of spices thrown in as well.
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Wednesday, July 21,2010

Got to get down to Stringtown

Veteran musicians pool their talents

by Gabi Moore
McCoy, Ross and Howard have 100 years of music experience among them. Their self-titled, self-released debut album is a collection of the 13 best tracks they came up with in their basement rehearsals. McCloy said their collaboration has given them the ability to mesh well together, to move easily into creating an album and playing live.
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Wednesday, July 21,2010

TURN IT DOWN: A survey of Lansing's musical landscape

Un-Common Ground

by Rich Tupica
Walking the roped paths at the 11th Annual Common Ground Festival you can see a broad range of music lovers. Attendees vary from retired folks in lawn chairs to high school students screaming at the front of the stage. Not many events in Lansing do that.
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Wednesday, July 21,2010

More than fun

Insightful ’Extra Lives’ takes video games very seriously

by Adam Molner
In his previous books, Tom Bissell explored the Vietnam War and life in the former Soviet Union. In his latest, “Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter,” Bissell steps into what many consider to be childish fun. Not so, argues Bissell, who sees contemporary games as being just as important as novels or films.
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