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Wednesday, February 2,2011

Occasus releases new CD

It's the metal band's second in two years

by Alyssa Gienapp
Last Saturday night, the Blackened Moon Concert Hall was filled with smoke, booze and local Lansing metal bands, as Occasus held its CD release party. “The metal scene tries to help each other out,” said Eric Potts, guitarist of Occasus. “The rap scene in Lansing is more cutthroat, but we invited our friends to come play.”
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Tuesday, February 1,2011

The Case of the Redeemed Hitman

True love blooms between gun battles in Purple Rose's 'Corktown'

by Tom Helma
CHELSEA — At first squint and frown, “Corktown,” now playing at the Purple Rose Theater, appears to be nothing more than the latest incarnation of the hit-man-with-a-heart-of-gold genre popularized in crime novels by Elmore Leonard, on the big screen by “Pulp Fiction,” and on HBO by “The Sopranos.”
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Friday, January 28,2011

The darkest shades of love

Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling hold back nothing in bruising 'Blue Valentine'

by James Sanford
“Have we become a habit? Do we distort the facts? Now, there’s no looking forward; now, there’s no turning back.” The words come from an old Pat Benatar hit, “We Belong,” but they perfectly express what’s going through the mind of Cindy (Michelle Williams) in “Blue Valentine.” Benatar’s ballad sounds like a fiery ode to the power of passion — until you pay close attention to the lyrics: “Whatever we deny or regret, for worse or for better, we belong together.” Perhaps Cindy is figuring out the underlying meaning of the song for the first time while she listens to it as she drives to work. She is slowly, reluctantly facing the realization that she can’t keep going down the same road.
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Thursday, January 27,2011

Questioning the questioner

'Happy Holy Days' has humor, although its insights are debatable

by Mary C. Cusack
“Happy Holy Days”, an original work written and directed by Michigan State University Theatre Head of Acting and Directing Rob Roznowski, tells the rather unhappy tale of one woman’s lifelong struggle to make peace with herself, her loved ones, and maybe her maker. If she has one. She’s not always sure about that, which is the crux of the play.
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Wednesday, January 26,2011

Lost in translation

Holt-Dimondale's stab at Italian-American farce is about as authentic as Chef Boyardee

by Tom Helma
In Joe Di Pietro’s "Over the River and Through the Woods" ' now being performed by the still new kids-on-the-block, Holt Dimondale Community Players ' we’re going to an Italian-American grandmother’s household in Brooklyn..
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Wednesday, January 26,2011

Advice Goddess

You make loving fund & One surprise fits all

by Amy Alkon
Four months into wedded bills, uh, bliss, you’re walking around muttering, “Aren’t a husband and wife supposed to support each other?” Well, yes, unless they start their marriage by making other arrangements. Absurdly, you agreed to the family values financial plan -- the husband takes care of all the expenses.
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Wednesday, January 26,2011

The life of the ’Party’

Michael Patrick Shiels has built a career on playing pranks and taking chances

by Bill Castanier
Shiels showed up at the radio station on a cold January day with breakfast for Purtan ' and not just any breakfast, but a frozen microwaveable breakfast. He placed the frozen contents on a paper plate and put it in a white paper bag, the kind you get from take-out joints.
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Wednesday, January 26,2011

All fired up

Organic ingredients are the secret of Pizza Pi’s delicious dishes

by Joe Torok
Little known facts: Organic, woodfired pizza tastes better and makes you smarter. OK, so only the first part is verifiable, but if you stop into Pizza Pi along the Grand River corridor in East Lansing, you’ll probably learn a thing or two about what makes a fine tasting pie.
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Wednesday, January 26,2011

TURN IT DOWN: A survey of Lansing's musical landscape

by Rich Tupica
The show is raising funds for a documentary about Karp, a defunct Washington-based band that reflected the sounds of the Melvins and Black Sabbath. “Karp Lives: A Documentary Film About a Band Called Karp” traces the band’s career, which lasted from 1990 to 1998.
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Wednesday, January 26,2011

The omnipresent John Lepard: On stage, on TV, at the movies

The actor shows up next week on an episode of 'Detroit 187'; after that, he's back on the big screen in 'Scream 4'

by James Sanford
In "Road to Nowhere," the episode of “Detroit 187” that airs Tuesday, Lepard (who turns 47 today)plays Cyrus Layton, who assists Detroit police officers Fitch (Michael Imperioli) and Washington (Jon Michael Hill) in the investigation of a multiple-murder case.
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