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Wednesday, June 30,2010

'Mountain' man

John Lepard goes back to his musical roots

by Craig Burge
Imagine that on your whole body. But not for a second, forever. You never escape.’ “Then there was the other side where they would tell us of how great Heaven is going to be, the part where (we were told) we’re going to feel no pain and Jesus will be there with us.
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Friday, June 25,2010

'Wonderland' express

Summer Circle production full of fun physicality and imagination

by Paul Wozniak
Playtime with children can often be a surreal experience while their imaginations are still free and untethered by the constraints of growing older. Thus is MSU Summer Circle’s current interpretation of Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland" (directed by Mary Job) the odyssey of a child at play being regulated and warped by slightly older children.
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Friday, June 25,2010

More than one way to rock

Land of Nod promises a 'grassroots music and arts festival unlike any other'

by Eric Gallippo
As the young Rothbury Festival takes 2010 off, and early Common Ground announcements point to another sweaty week of big-name summer fare, Michigan music fans seem faced with another year of more (or even less) of the same. Enter the Land of Nod Experiment.
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Friday, June 25,2010

Calling all hams

Amateur broadcasters have a Field Day

by Jane Alexander
“But during all of these crises that have hit the nation and the world, they have been e x t r e m e l y useful. Many times, amateur radio is the only thing that operates temporarily during a crisis. They found that in Katrina and in Haiti. Oftentimes, they were the only way local officials could communicate.
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Thursday, June 24,2010

The Screening Room

Can 'Knight' rescue Cruise and Diaz?

by James Sanford
In 2001, Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz played friends with benefits in director Cameron Crowe’s surrealistic psychodrama “Vanilla Sky.” At the time, both stars were riding high: Cruise had just starred in “Mission: Impossible II,” while Diaz was fresh from “Charlie’s Angels” and the first “Shrek."
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Wednesday, June 23,2010

Hothouse sounds

Series delivers jazz to east side

by Lawrence Cosentino
Last month, when the Allen Neighborhood Center’s young volunteers put the JAM grant together, Whitaker was a supporter and behindthe-scenes adviser. The Michigan Council for the Arts and Cultural Affairs agreed to fund the project through its New Leaders Arts Council program.
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Wednesday, June 23,2010

Serial monotony & Searching for that special yum one

by Amy Alkon
Marriage used to play out on the Wal-Mart model: the idea that one person would meet your every need from altar to gravestone. Couples these days seem to understand that this is ridiculous, and have friendships outside the relationship.
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Wednesday, June 23,2010

’Twilight’s’ last gleaming?

Vampires still claim many young readers, but ’Games’ are gaining

by Bill Castanier
Is our lust for everything vampire sated, waiting for the spike, as popular media have suggested? Or is it just sleeping, ready to reawaken with a new passion when “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse,” the latest film based on reigning queen of vampire fiction Stephenie Meyer’s novels, is released June 30?.
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Wednesday, June 23,2010

Giraud hits the Ground

Piano-playing singer performs July 17

by City Pulse
Other newly added names to the festival line-up include pop-jazz saxophonist Mindi Abair and guitarist Peter White (also dated for July 17) and reggaerock performer Trevor Hall (July 14). Hardrockers Cavo will replace the previously announced Paper Tongues on July 15.
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Wednesday, June 23,2010

Summer Guide 2010

by City Pulse
It’s the season of the sun ' and the moon. A time for bluegrass ' and Common Ground. A time for jazz, folk, vintage vehicles, free theater and a dash of Caribbean spice. Get ready for summer, Lansing-style. Your calendar is about to fill up quickly with music, art, comedy, barbecues, Shakespeare, beer and wine tastings, and fund-raisers.
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