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Wednesday, November 16,2011

Screening room

Looking back on the career of a four-legged legend

by James Sanford
Prints of two of Rinty’s blockbusters,   "Jaws of Steel" and "Clash of the Wolves," were discovered a few years ago in the cabinet of a movie theater in South Africa. Orlean brought the 1925 "Clash" (released at the peak of the star’s career) on tour with.
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Wednesday, November 16,2011

Playing blues to brighten the holidays

Capital Area Blues Society and Greater Lansing Food Bank join forces for a fundraiser

by Nicole LaChance
As Lansing residents prepare to stuff their turkeys and mash their potatoes, local charities will be collecting donations for the area s poor and hungry. To celebrate the season of giving,  two local charities are coming together to bring awareness and raise money for their respective causes.
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Wednesday, November 16,2011

‘Pirates’ sail into MSU

by Carlee Schepeler
W.S. Gilbert and Sir Arthur Sullivan s comic operetta The Pirates of Penzance was written in 1879. That presents a few challenges for the Michigan State Opera cast, according to director Melanie Helton.
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Wednesday, November 16,2011

Silver jubilee

Silver Bells in the City rings in holiday season for downtown Lansing

by Jon James
Silver Bells in the City had humble beginnings, according to coordinator Mindy Biladeau, who says it started with a few people singing Christmas carols around the state Christmas tree. On the third year, the lighting of the state Christmas tree was incorporated into the event. It has grown consistently since then to become the festival it is today.
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Wednesday, November 9,2011

God and Godzilla

Lansing Symphony brass brings it for Bruckner

by Lawrence Cosentino
Saturday s big surprise wasn t the finely wrought, seamless, muscular performance of Bruckner s Fourth the symphony delivered. By now, we re used to seeing music director Timothy Muffitt and the LSO deliver big-city passion and polish on a small-town budget.
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Wednesday, November 9,2011

Theatrical psychodrama

Powerful ‘Shrike’ explores malicious mind games

by Tom Helma
Set designer Fred Englegau has created a great, seemingly soothing yet sinister mental hospital ward that is as seriously anal-retentive and super-organized as a Martha Stewart Thanksgiving dinner table, while director Paige Dunckel has found and...
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Wednesday, November 9,2011

Advice Goddess

Slipping beauty & Adjusting the shudder

by Amy Alkon
Q: I’m in a great relationship of seven months. My boyfriend and I never get sick Amy alkon of each other. We respect each other and are there for each other, and we talk very openly, even when we re upset. His ex-girlfriend is part of our group of friends. She is thin and very pretty. I know I m attractive, but I m struggling to lose these 10 pounds I put on in college. Also, she s super-sweet, and she and my boyfriend broke up because he cheated on her. He told her right away and felt sick about it for a long time, so I m not worried that he d cheat on me. Friends tell me how much he loves me, and he even told me he d feel lost without me. Still, I get nervous when they re alone or talking a lot. I haven t said anything about her being around so much, but I know other girls wouldn t stand for it. Jealous
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Wednesday, November 9,2011

Turning old books into new revenue

Library of Michigan wraps up its sale of 75,000 out-of-circulation volumes

by Bill Castanier
Since midsummer, the Library of Michigan has been selling more than 75,000 books that were no longer deemed essential for library collections at the state s online auction site (mibid.bidcorp.com). The books were part of what was once the Dewey Collection; some of the books date back to the late 19th century.
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Wednesday, November 9,2011

War of words

The laughs are lacerating in wonderfully played ‘God of Carnage’

Originally written in Review French and translated by Christopher Hampton, Carnage was a major success in Zürich, Paris, London and New York.
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Wednesday, November 9,2011

Will’s wit

Kevin McKillip ropes you in as the wisecracking, lasso-twirling Will Rogers

by Paul Wozniak
As the late humorist/cow- boy/actor and all-around celebrity, Kevin McKillip pays tribute to Rogers in his self-com- posed one-man show, Will Rogers: An American Original at Stormfield Theatre. Rogers blends puns, political commentary and rope tricks into a polished portrait of an American archetype.
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