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Wednesday, October 22,2014

Barguide: Shifting times

Working class bars geared for the shift worker full of color and class

by Michael Gerstein
Itīs 8:30 a.m. on a Saturday, but people are already drinking beers inside LeRoy’s Classic Bar and Grill, 1526 S. Cedar St. in Lansing. The day manager of 15 years, Joseph Cardwell, preps food on the nearby griddle. He opens the doors to the typical clientele at 7 a.m.: Third-shift nurses from Sparrow Hospital, police officers and factory workers who come to unwind after a hard night’s work. But with the decline in manufacturing jobs, it just isnīt what it used to be.
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Wednesday, October 22,2014

Barguide: Burning love

Lansing-area bars warm up to fireplaces

by Beth Waldon
In recent years, bars have begun adding patios to attract diners to eat and drink outdoors to take full advantage of the mid-Michigan spring, summer and fall. But as the mercury drops, patio dining becomes less desirable.
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Wednesday, October 22,2014

Funny stuff

Friday, Oct. 24 & Saturday, Oct. 25

by Krista Wilson and Allan I. Ross
There’s no shortage of open mic standup comedy in the Lansing area: Comedy Night at the Green Door on Sundays, Mac’s Monday Comedy Night on Mondays and the brand new Reno’s East Comedy Hour that started last Tuesday. It’s a three-way combo of free comedy to start th...
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Monday, October 20,2014

Book reviews: Notes from Neil

Journalists, and Other Thugs

by Neil Rajala
MONDAY, OCT. 20 — I've been spending a great deal of time around artists and other creatives these days, which has been a very pleasant experience. The common thread is always books; from painters to poets, people whose restless minds are always looking for the new and untried love to talk about the books that matter to them. Here's what we're reading:
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Friday, October 17,2014

Packing a punch


by Belinda Thurston
Number 77 is a commanding figure in the middle of the East Lansing Eighth Grade Junior Trojan lineup. As a nose tackle 77 is immovable; as a left guard such a threat the defense usually sends a double team. This football player has been in training since the fourth grade and is now poised for a high school career that could be unheralded in power, speed, smarts and sex. Yes, sex. Number 77 is a girl.
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Wednesday, October 15,2014

Icarus falling — and rising

Lansing Symphony falters with Kernis, flies with Mendelssohn

by Lawrence Cosentino
The days begin with tender beams of light, but few evenings behave that way. Thanks to Lansing Symphony maestro Timothy Muffitt’s taste for substantial, unusual curtain-raisers, Saturday night’s opener felt like a celestial wake-up call.
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Wednesday, October 15,2014

Final bow

Reflections on the memory of Lansing theater icon Addiann Hinds

by Tom Helma
Over the past several days since the mid- Michigan theater community learned of the death to cancer of beloved multi-talented icon, Addiann Hinds, there have been many quiet, reflective conversations remembering the breadth and depth of her contributions to local theater. An actor, a director, a set designer and more; her accomplishments listed on theater historian Matt Ottinger’s webpage include 11 stints as director and 12 as an actor.
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Wednesday, October 15,2014

Bloody good show

Classic horror movie ‘Carrie’ finds new life as Broadway-style musical

by Paul Wozniak
If you ever thought, “Hey, someone should adapt a Stephen King novel into a Broadway style musical,” look no further than the MSU Department of Theatre’s production of “Carrie the Musical.” Now you can experience King’s tragic tale of a bullied, telekinetic teen misfit who exacts brutal revenge on her tormentors through the magic of song and dance. Who said all the good ideas were taken?
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Wednesday, October 15,2014

Combat journalist

Provocative thriller shows the danger of telling the truth

In Van Halen’s 1992 music video “Right Now,” two animated figures commit a cruel bit of bullying on a third figure above the words “Right now, our government is doing things we think only other countries do.” It’s a trite bit of subversion, but dang it all if 24 years later, wiretapping scandals and drone bombings haven’t made Sammy Hagar & Co. into wango-tango pop culture prophets of doom.
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Wednesday, October 15,2014

New in town

Lansing’s specialty coffee scene continues to grow with the addition of another business. Paul and Emily Nicholls are the owners of the new Rust Belt Roastery in Old Town. They roast small batches of beans in an antique woodfired roaster and distribute them at local farmers markets and retail stores.
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