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Wednesday, December 7,2011

Giving it his best shot at Spiral

One Saturday night. No shirt. Plenty of 'liquid dynamite.' Lots of money.

by Geoph Espen
My first trip out to the floor left me staring around doe-eyed. Then I realized I still had my shirt on. Going back behind the bar, no shots sold, I tore my white dress shirt off and left my chest bare of everything except my black satin tie (the hair having been painstakingly removed earlier in the day).
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Wednesday, November 30,2011

Reminiscing about retail

Author charts the rise and fall of Jacobson’s

by Bill Castanier
In the heyday of the East Lansing Jacobson’s, you could take your kids to Breakfast With Santa or sit down for an elegant dinner in the Asian-inspired 1970 East Room restaurant. As a Michigan State University grad, you knew you d arrived when you bought your business attire there, or registered for your wedding.
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Wednesday, November 30,2011

Food finder

by City Pulse
killer onion rings. 313 E. Grand River Ave., East Lansing. 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Monday-Thursday, Friday 11 a.m.-11 p.m., Noon-8 p.m. Sunday. (517) 853-3033. Second location at 3552 Meridian Crossings, Okemos. 8 a.m.-8 p.m. Monday- Friday, 8 a.m.-7 p.m. Saturday, 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Sunday. (517) 853-1100.
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Wednesday, November 30,2011

Twenty1 is a lucky number for Griffin and McCallum

Filmmakers host a screening of their collaborations

by Mary C. Cusack
Filmmakers A.E. Griffin and Michael McCallum may be the hardest working men in Michigan show business. It s impossible to count how many productions they have worked on, both independently and collectively, because they don t stop working long enough to draft a proper curriculum vitae.
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Wednesday, November 30,2011

Turn it down

by Rich Tupica
(Scene) Composes itself The gallery will host a concert tonight featuring the Sixth Species Ensemble, a Michigan State University-based ensemble spearheaded by MSU music graduate Phillip Sink, who is also a composer, saxophonist and teacher.
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Wednesday, November 30,2011

Screening room

Diane Keaton’s memoir makes for lovely listening

by James Sanford
When should you choose the audiobook over the printed version of a new memoir? When the author is Oscar winner Diane Keaton. Reading her recently published Then Again, the endearing, feisty and sometimes remarkably frank star sounds as if she’s sharing these stories in an intimate conversation over tea and scones.
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Wednesday, November 30,2011

Playing a different game

Having left the basketball court behind, Delvon Roe takes on a challenge: a professional acting career

by Nicole LaChance
In the high-pressure world of college sports, it s easy for players to become consumed by the game and for a careerstopping injury to seem like the end of the world. This September, Michigan State University senior Delvon Roe chose to end a promising basketball career due to chronic knee pain.
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Wednesday, November 30,2011

Downward (hot) dog

Warm up your muscles — and everything else — in the steamy studios of East Lansing Hot Yoga

by Carlee Schepeler
Whenever we traveled, we would seek out the hot yoga studios, she recalled. And before Sutherland s noon class last Wednesday, that came full circle when a traveling yogi stopped in for class as she was passing through town..
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Wednesday, November 30,2011

Celebrate Christmas twice in one night

Mid-Michigan Family Theatre presents a pair of holiday-themed productions

by Cristina Toscano
While everyone in a small English village is excitedly preparing for the Christmas festivities in 1860, the town s lonely and cantankerous sexton, Gabriel Grubb (played by Chuck Sartorius), heads toward the cemetery and encounters three goblins, played by Erin Deal, Sabrina Boxer and  Olivia Schafer.
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Wednesday, November 23,2011

‘Radicals’ revisited

Michigan State University law professor looks at controversial characters throughout history

by Lawrence Cosentino
By LAWRENCE COSENTINO The Thanksgiving playbook calls for the whole family, from Tea Partiers to Occupiers, to sit down for an all-American truce, lubricated by gravy and minimal meaningful conversation. Michigan State University law Professor Michael Lawrence has a radically different feast in mind.
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