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Wednesday, November 23,2011

Hawk Island Park is going downhill fast

Snowboarding will be among the activities at a new Snow Park, opening soon

by Cristina Toscano
Neptune, owner of Planet Snow Design and a champion snowboarder, has been building snowboarding venues for almost two decades. Currently head of operations at Otsego Resort in Gaylord, Neptune will work with snowmaking equipment, designing of the parks and rails and setting up the correct lighting.
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Wednesday, November 23,2011

Hidden Camel makes a comeback

Get ready for DJs, dancing and Tuesday night drag shows at the revamped club

by Jon James
Acker says he envisions workers from the Board of Water and Light building under construction across the street stopping by for lunch, another crowd coming in for happy hour, and the dance crowd checking out weekly events..
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Wednesday, November 23,2011

Heating up Fahrenheit

‘It’s my baby — and I’m finally giving birth,’ says Ace DeVille of his Tantalizing Tuesdays

by Jon James
Every Tuesday, DeVille gets together a team of models, dancers, drag queens, strippers and any other talent deemed worthy and sets them loose on Fahrenheit s stage. The premiere show earlier this month featured about two dozen models performing during six songs.
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Wednesday, November 23,2011

2011 Gift Guide

This holiday season, skip the lines at the Black Friday sales and patronize Lansing’s locally owned businesses. Our Gift Guide will point you in the right direction.

by Nicole LaChance, Carlee Schepeler & Cristina Toscano
Staying local promotes a sense of community, encourages entrepreneurship, increases job opportunities for people in the area and ensures that your money will stimulate Lansing s economy since local businesses invest a much larger share of their...
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Tuesday, November 22,2011

Too good for kids

'Muppets' and 'Hugo' prove 'family entertainment' can be fun for all ages

by James Sanford
For parents who regularly endure Justin Bieber videos and “Hannah Montana” repeats, the idea of “kid-friendly” entertainment can be hard to face. But what happens when you inject a touch of class and sophistication into a film that would seen to be designed for younger viewers? You get movies like “The Muppets” and “Hugo.” Happy holidays, everybody.
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Wednesday, November 16,2011

Remembering ‘Operation Pedro Pan’

Two Lansing men recall their journey from Cuba to Lansing 50 years ago

The unprecedented airlift was arranged by frightened Cuban parents, anti-Castro dissidents, Miami s Roman Catholic Archdiocese and the United States government including the CIA, according to some historians. The documents on the airlift are still classified.
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Wednesday, November 16,2011

Back to the dulcimer

Wanda Degen ponders her future after 25 years as East Lansing Art Festival performance coordinator

by Lawrence Cosentino
In the summer of 1967, between eighth and ninth grade, young Wanda Degen decided to have a hippie party. She went to a head shop in her little hometown of Montague Whitehall, on the dunes of west Michigan, and fell in love with a trippy poster for a Jefferson Airplane show at the Fillmore in San Francisco.
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Wednesday, November 16,2011

Advice Goddess

Snorting hope & You’ve got stale

by Amy Alkon
Some women do volunteer work; some women date it. You and your boyfriend are a classic combination, the drug addict and the enabler. Addict behavior is immature brat behavior throwing over tomorrow to get your rocks off (or snort some rock) today.
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Wednesday, November 16,2011

‘Laughing Whitefish’ resurfaces

Republished 1965 novel still has much to say about Indian law

by Bill Castanier
Voelker, who spent most of his life in the Upper Peninsula, also creates a window into the customs and language of the Cornish mining community around Ishpeming, where he lived.
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Wednesday, November 16,2011

Comic candy

Sugar-sweet ‘Stratagem’ is zestfully played, but the fun goes on too long

by Mary C. Cusack
Michigan State University s Department of Theatre s production of The Beaux Stratagem is a sweet comedy of errors that reminds one of Brach s Neapolitan Sundaes candies found in the bulk  candy bins. Those colorful coconut-covered chewy candies look and taste good at first, but after a while your taste buds.
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