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Thursday, February 10,2011

Straight shooting

A veteran FBI agent brings his own experiences to his fictional thrillers

by Bill Castanier
In “Agent X”, Vail, a rogue ex-FBI agent who is coaxed back to work to help solve a mystifying case of extortion and murder, joins his co-protagonist FBI agent and assistant director Kate Bannon in chasing spies who leave increasingly complex clues for authorities.
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Wednesday, February 9,2011

Noises Off

Lansing Civic Players close the curtain, change the set and wait for the next act

by Lawrence Cosentino
A new artistic director, Michael Stewart, was installed last month and is already planning the 2011-12 season. This spring, a new board of directors with business savvy will take over the theater, replacing the old membership guild system. Fundraising, day-to-day business and promotion will be kept separate from the artistic side of the operation.
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Wednesday, February 9,2011

'Up South' stories

Rodney Whitaker premieres jazz suite at Creole Gallery

by Lawrence Cosentino
Crafting a fivepart mosaic of the great emigration of Southern blacks to the industrial cities of the north, composer/bassist Rodney Whitaker had to dive into cross-currents of racism, hope, self-destruction and forbidden love..
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Wednesday, February 9,2011

Advice Goddess

Queasy credit & Queer and present danger

by Amy Alkon
Unfortunately, one man’s el-cheapo ski jacket is one woman’s quilted nylon warning sign. The way you see it, it’s not like you did a P. Diddy and splurged on some one-of-a-kind parka they had to kill 20 ostriches and a baby seal to make.
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Wednesday, February 9,2011

Valentines and variety

Music, movies, poetry, good books, art — this weekend, you and your sweetie can have it all

by City Pulse
WKAR staff, including general manager DeAnne Hamilton, will greet guests as they explore the Winter 2011 Masterwork Exhibition of “The Best of Friends: The Friends of Kresge Art Museum, beginning at 6 p.m. Jacon van Loo, Joel Meyrowitz, and Mason artist John Felsing are among the participating artists.
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Wednesday, February 9,2011

Triumphing with a tragedy

Williamston Theatre’s outstanding ’Oedipus’ demands to be seen

Perfectly supporting the production’s guiding principle of storytelling is the rearranged seating of the already intimate Williamston space to create a theater-inthe-round. This allows the actors to move effortlessly among the audience and to speak directly to them, thereby making the audience citizens of Thebes.
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Wednesday, February 9,2011

Go Green!

'Shrek: The Musical' is a delightful adaptation of the beloved animated film

“Shrek: The Musical,” the stage adaptation of the first chapter in the juggernaut computer-animated franchise, jumps into real space satisfyingly and believably, exploding with towering musical numbers, jaw-dropping puppet work and fantastical costumes. It also achieves the rare feat of being every last bit as good as its source material.
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Wednesday, February 9,2011

Puppy party time

Annual fund-raiser lends a hand — or paw — to man’s best friend

by Gabi Moore
The second annual Best Friends Fest comes to the Old Town nightclub to raise money for the Ingham County Animal Control and Shelter’s animal cruelty unit. Shelter director Jamie McAloon said the money is important to help the animals, especially in challenging economic times.
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Wednesday, February 9,2011

The Screening Room

’Blue Denim’: 16 and pregnant, circa 1959

by James Sanford
These days, if you’re an unmarried teen expecting a baby, you might be in negotiations with MTV to star in the next season of “16 and Pregnant.” But half a century ago, girls who “got in trouble” didn’t publicize their condition. Just ask Janet, the jittery heroine of “Blue Denim,” which raised many an eyebrow when it hit theaters in 1959.
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Wednesday, February 9,2011


Family Theatre cast strikes back against bullies through drama

by Christopher Horb
Gordon, director of the Mid Michigan Family Theatre, has created the play “Bully- Be-Gone: Tactics and Strategies to Reduce Bullying in Schools.” Produced with the Lansing Everett Visual and Performing Arts Magnet School Theatre Department, the touring play is aimed at helping elementary age kids handle issues of bullying.
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