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Wednesday, November 2,2011

Screening room

A bombed Johnny Depp bombs with moviegoers

by James Sanford
If you re Angelina Jolie, you can get the financing to direct In the Land of Blood and Honey, a love story set against the backdrop of the Bosnian war, featuring such major box office magnets as Goran Kostic, Zana Marjanovic and Dolya Gavanski. (Well, perhaps they re box office magnets somewhere.
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Wednesday, November 2,2011

Caustic comedy

When two couples clash, brutal laughs result in Peppermint Creek Theatre Co.’s ‘God of Carnage’

by Christopher Horb
By CHRISTOPHER HORB We seem to live in an age when uncouth behavior is showcased and celebrated across the reality-TV spectrum and audiences can t get enough of it. It s clear there is fun to be had in watching people behaving badly. That is exactly what director Chad Badgero is counting on.
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Wednesday, November 2,2011

Beyond Transylvania

Author discusses ‘Dracula’ Thursday

by Nicole LaChance
Before Edward Cullen and True Blood, there was Dracula, the terrifying blood-sucker from Transylvania. A young Jane Congdon was fascinated by his tale and developed a desire to tour the land of the famous vampire. What followed was a memoir about her 18-day journey and coming to terms with a broken childhood.
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Wednesday, November 2,2011

Howl-oween in Old Town

Disguised dogs compete in annual costume contest

by L. Edward Street
Despite chilly weather, over 100 dog owners squeezed into registration lines for the event. WLMI-FM host Tim Barron hosted the competition and the Wag N Tails Pet Resort company handed out free dog treats and boarding coupons to the top three winners.
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Wednesday, November 2,2011

Not the same old ‘Story’

Can some Spanish flavor spice up ‘West Side Story’? Si, se puede, says one of the tour’s stars

by Robert Sancrainte
West Side Story written by Arthur Laurents, with music by Leonard Bernstein and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim was first  performed in 1957, and in the 50-plus years since then, much of the original has remained constant, with only minor changes to keep the musical fresh while maintaining its timeless appeal.
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Monday, October 31,2011

Mass and massiveness

Lansing Symphony rolls out a pair of blockbusters Saturday

by Lawrence Cosentino
This symphony preview is so erudite you have to take an entry quiz. Match the adjectives in Line A with the nouns from Line B:A. Sacred/secular.B. Gothic cathedral/ Mentos and Diet Coke.If you drew diagonal lines instead of vertical ones, you’re either a compulsive contrarian, a subt...
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Wednesday, October 26,2011

The sum of his parts

City Pulse editor scores with cancer memoir

by Lawrence Cosentino
No ' not “battle.” That noun isn’t Sanford’s style, nor are adjectives like “heroic” or “triumphant.” If you read Sanford’s sardonic City Pulse film reviews, you know his melodrama-whacking machete has been tempered by decades of disease-ofthe-day dreck from Hollywood.
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Wednesday, October 26,2011

Advice Goddess

Whiff the wrong man

by Amy Alkon
Apparently, taking the pill can cause the “wrong” man to smell good to you ' a man you might not be into once you’re off the pill. Unfortunately, I experience severe mood swings when I’m not taking the pill ' uncontrollable rages for about a week a month.
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Wednesday, October 26,2011

Macabre Michigan

’Ghostwriters’collects spooky stories from authors around the state

by Bill Castanier
Kasischke, who contributed the story “Ghost Anecdote,” says she personally She said she was also impressed by the 27-year-old writer Elizabeth' Schmuhl from St. Joseph, whose short story “Belief” is set on a farm on the Paw Paw River. It is the first major publication for Schmuhl, who teaches high school.
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Wednesday, October 26,2011

It's trick or doggy treat

Canine costumes return to Old Town Friday

by City Pulse
The tradition continues Friday in Old Town, with Barron, WLMI’s Melik Brown and WLNS meteorlogist Jake Dunne doing the judging. Doggie Trick or Treat begins at 4 p.m., followed by the contest at 6 and a post-show Yappie Hour at Preuss Pets, 1127 N. Cedar St.
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