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Wednesday, October 12,2011

Haunted heart

MSU revisits ‘Desire’ in old New Orleans

by Carlee Schepeler
Graduate student Emily Young is playing Stella as her thesis role, which she believes will help tackle her constant challenge of finding vulnerability in her acting. Young took her research one big step further by traveling to New Orleans in May to get better acquainted with the city’s culture.
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Wednesday, October 12,2011

Simply Simon

Starlight Dinner Theatre serves up ‘The Odd Couple’ as season opener

by Cristina Toscano
On the off chance you haven’t heard, “The Odd Couple” is about a friendship between two men who are polar opposites and manage to push each other to their limits. It was the basis for two movies starring Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau, and inspired a popular TV series in the 1970s, with Tony Randall and Jack Klugman.
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Wednesday, October 12,2011

Don't drink the wine

’Arsenic’ is on tap at Lansing Civic Players

by Robert Sancrainte
For example, the play’s two lovable and murderous aunts, who serve arseniclaced elderberry wine, are “always together in a scene. They kind of get lumped into that generic old-lady persona and never get to develop their own personalities.”.
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Wednesday, October 12,2011

Bringing Lanza back to Lansing

Bellini Opera Theater honors the late tenor

by Jon James
A crossover artist extraordinaire, Mario Lanza was known in the 1940s and 1950s for starring in Hollywood films (“The Great Caruso,” “The Toast of New Orleans”) and performing both operatic arias and popular radio songs (“Be My Love,” “Because You’re Mine,” etc.
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Wednesday, October 5,2011

Puerile Michigan

Purple Rose Theatre revisits ‘Escanaba,’ where good taste is always out of place

by Tom Helma
elaborately staged Rube Goldberg set up of an extended fart sequence, complete with slow-motion strobe light and explosive sound effects? Or is it the scene in which a particularly potent potpourri of Potawatami porcupine piss gets poured over Ranger Tom?.
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Wednesday, October 5,2011

Advice Goddess

Helen of toy & Mitey aphrodite

by Amy Alkon
You can try to keep the romance alive with some therapist looking disapprovingly down her bifocals at the two of you ' or with the gift of a 50-cent purple plastic chimp. The chimp, happily, will not ask you to “own your feelings” or repeat awkward “I” statements.
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Wednesday, October 5,2011

Give it up for 'Jersey Boys'

Rousing, Tony-winning tale of The Four Seasons brings down the house at the Wharton Center

So what could possibly warrant such a rousing response? Best guess: a combination of music that is ingrained in the DNA of post-World War II American pop culture, a tight book that captures that lightning-in-a-bottle exhilaration of watching a group...
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Wednesday, October 5,2011

Turn it down

by Rich Tupica
Bluegrass at the Loft Greensky Bluegrass, a Kalamazoo-based bluegrass band,takes the stage at The Loft tonight. The band keeps busy, playingnearly 175 shows per year of what they call “poignant rural balladsabout real people.” This gig is the CD release show for “Handgu...
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Wednesday, October 5,2011

Screening Room

Korean screen legend's performance is pure 'Poetry'

by James Sanford
She’s not sure she believes it, though. A 66-year-old South Korean trying to raise her surly 16-year-old grandson, Wook, while toiling as a maid for a wealthy stroke victim, Mija wants very badly to be a poet, but she’s frustrated by how difficult it is to find that elusive inspiration.
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Wednesday, October 5,2011

Writing with the Force

MSU alum Timothy Zahn fills in missing chapters in the ‘Star Wars’ saga

Lucas’ iconic space opera franchise “I had no idea it would be that successful: No one did,” said Zahn, 59, a 1973 Michigan State University alumnus who lives in Oregon. “The storyline was decent; fans did like it. But the books sold not because of my name, but because it was ‘Star Wars.
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