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Wednesday, September 21,2011

Intense 'Blackbird' looks at the dark language of love

Broken hearts, shattered lives and fractured dialogue combine in Peppermint Creek's two-character drama

by Paul Wozniak
That staccato style blended with the thematic, twisted love story intrigued director Lela Ivey back when Chad Badgero first presented her with the script.
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Wednesday, September 21,2011

Not quite heavenly

Naughty nuns kick the habit in salacious spoof 'Divine Sister'

by Paul Wozniak
Audiences be warned: Lansing Civic Player’s season opener “The Divine Sister” is a perverse, expletive-laden, alacritous satire of sisters from stage and cinema.
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Wednesday, September 21,2011

Turn it down

by Rich Tupica
Meatmen’s Tesco Vee will be belting out some offbeat lyrics Sunday night. The Meatmen makes its only Lansing appearance in 2011 on Sunday at The Loft, when the band plays an early, all-ages show. Fronted by Lansing punk legend Tesco Vee, The Meatmen have been playing obnoxious and offensive music since the band formed in Lansing in 1979.
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Wednesday, September 21,2011

Screening Room

If you want to get 'Footloose,' you're in the right town

by James Sanford
In my day, it was all about Kevin Bacon, Lori Singer and John Lithgow; in the 2011 version, Kenny Wormald, Julianne Hough and Dennis Quaid have taken on the lead roles. When it comes to remakes, it’s hard not to go along with the proposal made years ago by critic Roger Ebert:.
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Wednesday, September 21,2011

That's the way the cookie crumbles

Parents plot to sell their kids in caustic comedy 'Gingerbread House'

by Christopher Horb
Brian (Brian de Vries) and Stacey (Marianne Chan) have discovered that raising their two children has not been quite as satisfying as they had hoped it would be and it’s gotten in the way of their own ambitions.
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Wednesday, September 21,2011

Starting on the right note

Guest violinist Schmidt graces an often spellbinding LSO concert

by Nyssa Rabinowitz
Conductor and music director Timothy Muffitt’s first concert blended the wellknown greatness of Beethoven and Saint-Saens with a touch of the new by kicking off the program with Pulitzer-winning composer Jennifer Higdon and her 2000 hit “Blue Cathedral.
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Wednesday, September 21,2011

Just keep running: Lansing Marathon launches in April

'Signature event' planned as a $1 million fundraiser

by Carlee Schepeler
The result is that next April will see the first of what Anderson and others hope will be an annual event. Anderson said at least 5,000 runners are expected to participate in the full marathon on April 22 and 7,000 in a half-marathon the same day, and Anderson maintains that no one will be turned away.
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Monday, September 19,2011

Starting off on the right note

Lansing Symphony Orchestra's new season starts with an often-spellbinding concert with guest violinist Giora Schmidt

by Nyssa Rabinowitz
Monday, Sept. 19 — It’s the first concert of the new season. You might expect cobwebs. You might expect the orchestra to be like the students at Michigan State University: willing to play, but wishing summer had been just a bit longer.There may have been a couple cobwebs still left in the corners, but Lansing Symphony’s opening performance Friday night made one thing clear: The symphony is ready for action.
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Thursday, September 15,2011

Spiral goes Gaga

by Nicole LaChance
“I had already done dance, comedy, puppetry, magic; now I wanted to make it all sexy,” Bouche said. “So each number has a sexy edge to it in some way.” He accomplished this through costuming, choosing material, the type of songs and the performers themselves.
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Wednesday, September 14,2011

Riding the wave, again

Symphony opener brings back violinist Giora Schmidt

by Lawrence Cosentino
In March of last year, Lansing Symphony maestro Timothy Muffitt and 29-year-old violinist Giora Schmidt ladled out the purest, hottest alloy of symphony and soloist heard around here in years 'and that’s saying a lot in a drop forge town like Lansing.
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