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Wednesday, April 4,2012

'Writing well is the best revenge'

Loren D. Estleman is the keynote speaker at this year's Rally of Writers

by Bill Castanier
Estleman still prefers using his 1967 Olympia and his 1923 Underwood to bang out his novels, including his more than 30 books featuring Detroit private eye Amos Walker.
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Wednesday, April 4,2012

Food Finder

by City Pulse
OMI SUSHI — This sushi bar has a wide variety of sushi rolls, including tempura, spicy or vegetarian. Also features appetizers such as lightly salted edamame or miso soup. 210 MAC Ave., East Lansing. 11:30 a.m.-10 p.m. Monday-Sunday (517) 337-2222. WB, TO, SF $$
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Wednesday, April 4,2012

A musical with a kick

Love, liquor — and video games? — are blended in unusual 'Usual'

by Mary C. Cusack
The full title of the play is “The Usual: A Musical Love Story.” Williamston’s run of the show is the world premiere of the original work, with book and lyrics by Alan Gordon and music by Mark Sutton-Smith. If that last name sounds familiar, it is because he is the brother of “The Usual” cast member and Williamston Theatre Development Director Emily Sutton-Smith.
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Wednesday, April 4,2012

Still a thrill

Changes have been made, but 'Les Miserables' retains its musical power

The show plays as a tension of opposites between the flawed altruist Jean Valjean and the letter-of-the-law enforcer Javert, with the latter always threatening to make the show his own. Andrew Valera, who embodies Javert as one charismatic mofo, finally succeeds in that attempt.
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Wednesday, April 4,2012

Turn it down

by Rich Tupica
The Blackened Moon Concert Hall is stocked with East Coast death-metal acts on Thursday. Bands set to thrash through some black metal include HellCannon (from Buffalo) and New Jersey-based rockers Legionary and Death Sick. Representing Lansing are Genocya and Seraphim Burial. Genocya has been playing a mix of thrash, death, and black metal for a decade. The band, which recently released its first full-length album “Ever Descent,” includes Dane Brown (vocals), Brad van Satan (guitar), Matt Cunningham (guitar), Tim Sever (drums) and Jim Albrecht (bass). Genocya returns to Blackened Moon on April 28 to play its 10th anniversary show, which will include performances from openers Sauron, Dozic and more.
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Wednesday, April 4,2012

A musical melting pot

LCC's 'American Spirit' has a little of everything

by Adam Ilenich
When you call your show “The American Spirit,” you want a cast that reflects that idea. So director Vickie Diebold brought together 30 dancers and multiple styles for the Lansing Community College spring concert.
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Wednesday, April 4,2012

Would The Dude abide?

Venerable Lansing bowling alley parts with tradition to court a new generation

by Andy McGlashen
Nowhere else in Lansing would Don Draper look so at home as in the mid-century splendor of the Spare Time Entertainment Center’s cocktail lounge. From the black leather booths to the pendant lighting and starburst bar top, it could easily double as a set for one of those soggy power lunches on “Mad Men.”
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Wednesday, April 4,2012

Pinsonnault's picks

This year's Top of the Town Local TV News personality winner spotlights some of his favorite things about living in Lansing

by Evan Pinsonnault
Common Ground Music Festival: It was the first community event I went to after starting as TV-6 morning anchor back in July of 2009. In fact, it was my first day of work at the station! I remember Tim (Barron) introducing me on the mainstage party deck that Monday night and poking fun at pronouncing “Pinsonnault.” Who’d have thunk that two years later I’d be co-hosting the event with him and interviewing many of the artists live on-air for WLNS. And I’m looking forward to repeating that success again this summer, both for the CG audiences each night and the viewers of TV-6.
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Wednesday, March 28,2012

Eat this book

It's time to belly up for the Edible Book Contest

by Lawrence Cosentino
Each year, on or around April 1, a global network of book nuts takes Bacon literally. Edible Book contests are hosted at schools and literary clubs from France to Russia to Brazil to Australia, with Michigan events at Michigan State University’s Center for Poetry Monday and the Kalamazoo Book Festival April 6.
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Wednesday, March 28,2012

Advice Goddess

Manure and wife & doctors without borders

by Amy Alkon
Q: My fiancee insists on having our wedding at “THE most magical place to get married,” this beautiful lake resort. Her family’s well-off, but having it there creates a financial hardship for my relatives and our friends, who are working crappy jobs in a terrible economy. Our guests mostly live in our hometown, and the lake is a four-hour drive each way, and there are no affordable places to stay.
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