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Wednesday, May 21,2014

Art, dreams and jazz

Michael Stratton brings broader perspective to new series of Broad Museum tours

by Lawrence Cosentino
Your eyes can get a real workout at the Broad Art Museum — from rolling to the back of your head. I’m not talking about the art, but the people you run into: Self-styled experts who canīt shut up, wise-guys who ask where the “real” art is, preening hipsters, outraged moralists, “this reminds-me-of” reductionists — they all show up sooner or later, usually right next to you.
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Wednesday, May 21,2014

Curtain call: Love in the (late) afternoon

Unstoppable middle-aged man meets unmovable middle-aged woman in Williamston’s ‘Old Love’

by Tom Helma
“Old Love” poses the question: Can two people in their late 50s find new love after the end of long, loveless marriages?
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Wednesday, May 21,2014

Top of the Town Contest Winners

by City Pulse Staff
The 7th Annual Top of the Town Awards crosses the finish line. A trained runner can crush a marathon — 26.2 miles — in around two hours. Ironman Triathlon athletes undergo about half a day of punishing perpetual motion to complete a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile cycling course followed by a marathon run. But in the seventh annual Top of the Town Contest, hosted by City Pulse, MLive.com and News 6, contestants endured a grueling nine-week, two-round race of ceaseless campaigning through tweets, Facebook posts and good old-fashioned glad-handing to make the grab for the medal. Or in the case of the business that racked up the most overall votes this time out, 55 years of dedicated customer service and quality goods. But we’ll come back to that.
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Wednesday, May 21,2014

Out On the Town

by City Pulse Staff
WEDNESDAY, MAY 21 >> ALLEN STREET FARMERS MARKET 2014 OUTDOOR OPENING The Allen Street Farmers Market opens today, unofficially kicking off summer for Lansing’s Eastside Neighborhood. The market offers locally grown produce, baked and prepared food from 22 producers througho...
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Wednesday, May 21,2014

Survivors tales

Two books detail stories in Michigan’s harsh natural and urban extremes

by Bill Castanier
Great storytelling is an art, and this week, the Capital Area District Library will host two raconteurs. Tonight, Dennis Hale will share the amazing true story of his survival after the freighter he was working on sank in the ice-cold waters of Lake Huron. Then on Thursday, author Jim Daniels will read from his work that weaves fictional tales of survival in the rust-belt lifestyles in Warren, Mich.
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Wednesday, May 21,2014

Curtain call: Communication breakdown

Peppermint Creek follows racial issues through time in ‘Clybourne Park’

by Paul Wozniak
Miscommunication is often the catalyst for dramatic action in storytelling, but in “Clybourne Park,” it’s the central thesis.
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Wednesday, May 21,2014

New in town


Earlier this year, the Michigan Market became the east side’s dominant convenience store. It featured a wide selection of beer, wine, liquor and cooler items — as well as a small supply of snacks and household items — but although the store’s deli counter should be in place by summer, it lacks the perishable items typically associated with a full-service community grocery store. However, the neighborhood will get fresh with a full range of meat cuts and seafood when Mert’s Meats on the Avenue opens one block away in two weeks.
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Wednesday, May 21,2014

Turn it down

A survey of Lansing's musical landscape

by Rich Tupica
Know Lyfe $1 show - Thursday, May 29. Local progressive-metal band Know Lyfe is rolling back ticket prices to $1 on May 29. The band’s $1 show at the Loft includes performances from Of Virtue, Ground Tracer, Heed the Assailant and Recorruptor. Know Lyfe singer Alfonso Civile spea...
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Wednesday, May 21,2014

Curtain call: Four shamed

New theater troupe debuts one-acts dedicated to disgraced Greek figures

by Shawn Parker
The debut of the new Ixion Theatre Ensemble features a quartet of one-act plays written by Lansing-area playwrights rooted in Greek mythology. The theme was inspired by engravings by a 16th century Dutch artist Hendrick Goltzius , with each of the titular disgracers suffering a fall, either figurative or literal. The common link is that each one is a mortal who tried to enter the realm of the gods and was punished for doing so.
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Friday, May 16,2014

Compete with wheat

New Lansing homebrew competition debuts Sunday

by Eric Finkler
Friday, May 16 — This Sunday, the Hopped-Up Homebrew Awards will be held at Midtown Brewing Co. in downtown Lansing. This debut event is presented by That’s How We Brew Homebrew Supplies. The winner’s recipe will be put on tap at Midtown and will also receive $150 to be used at That’s How We Brew.
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