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Wednesday, August 6,2014

Crunch time

by Lawrence Cosentino
Mike Jenkins has had three heart attacks. He has diabetes. He has probably earned enough frequent siren miles for a free EMS ride to Saskatoon. Crunchy’s, MSU’s old-school beer, burger and fries joint, is the last place he should haunt.
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Wednesday, August 6,2014

Power of the people

‘Detroit Resurgent’ features works by French photographer who captures spirit of Detroit

by Bill Castanier
Not all summer reading necessitates a whisking away to exotic locales. “Detroit Resurgent” is a photography book by Parisian photographer Gilles Perrin and documentarian-interviewer Nicole Ewenczyk. The book showcases the portraits of more than 60 Detroiters taken by the world-class portrait photographer accompanied by poignant interviews by his partner.
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Wednesday, August 6,2014

New in town


Lansing’s getting a new gastropub next week: On Monday, the Barrel Neighborhood Pub opens in the strip mall across from Frandor. Although the name may sound familiar, it has no connection to either the Peanut Barrel in East Lansing or the Whiskey Barrel in Lansing.
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Wednesday, August 6,2014

Pulsar X

Who will take home the gold at City Pulse’s 10th annual theater award show?

by Allan I. Ross
It was a year of boys who didn’t grow up, musical murder sprees and the most famous song about snow, as if the Lansing area didn’t get enough of that stuff last winter. On Aug. 18, the Pulsar Awards will be given to local actors for the 10th time, directors and tech crews, celebrating the best in Lansing-area community theater.
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Wednesday, August 6,2014

Honeymoon stage


by Alexandra Harakas
Dearly beloved, Over the Ledge Theatre Co. gathers this weekend to celebrate its latest production, “Married Alive!” The musical comedy follows two sets of married folks: One is a pair of newlyweds, the other, a couple with a few anniversaries under their belt. The show’s director, Rick Dethlefsen, said the show displays the joys and downfalls of marriage in a comical fashion.
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Wednesday, August 6,2014

Selfie esteem

How cat memes and French Impressionism overlap this month

by Jonathan Griffith
An artist often gives away his surroundings through his art: The vast, rolling pastures of Constable’s Dedham Vale, the lush, liquid landscapes of Monet’s water lilies, the visual cacophony of Bosch’s … well, who really knows. So, given the array of animals that inhabit the paintings of Freshteh Parvizi’s new exhibit at East Lansing’s Mackerel Sky, one could easily assume she is entrenched with a veritable menagerie of creatures. But you know what they say about assumptions.
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Wednesday, August 6,2014

The running business

by Nathan Kark
Running shoes don’t do you any good sitting in your closet. Maybe an injury’s got you sidelined. Maybe you’ve tried running but you’re wasting energy because your form’s all out of whack. Not everyone’s a born runner, but one local business has positioned itself as not just a purveyor of shoes, but the starting line for people looking to transform their health through fitness.
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Wednesday, August 6,2014

Turn it down

A survey of Lansing's musical landscape

by Sarah Winterbottom
U.S. Royalty at Macīs Bar - Friday, Aug. 15. U.S. Royalty, a D.C.-based indie rock band, headlines Mac’s Bar on its 2014 tour. Opening are Parkway and Columbia, Golden Youth and Matching Bricks. U.S Royalty, which formed in 2008, has been described as a cross between Crosby, S...
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Wednesday, August 6,2014

Home stretch

by Belinda Thurston
You donīt need to bend over backward to find yoga in Lansing — it seems to be everywhere you turn. Look in the community centers, gyms, workplace offices and outside in the parks. And yoga studios have flourished over the last 10 years, offering traditional forms and specialized...
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Thursday, July 31,2014

Book reviews: Notes from Neil

Sharp Satire for a Cool Summer

by Neil Rajala
Thursday, July 31 — Mid-70s during the day, mid-50s at night. Honestly, I couldn't have ordered summer weather more to my liking than what we've seen so far. Reading a book in one of the local parks without melting is greatly preferable to seeking out air conditioning indoors. My apologies to those of you who like the temperatures and the humidity levels higher - maybe next year. Here's what we're reading:
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