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Wednesday, November 2,2011

Advice Goddess

Flee circus & Between a walk and a hard place

by Amy Alkon
Q: I have a good relationship with my boyfriend of a year except for how he Amy alkon ignores me when he s stressed. The first time this happened, he disappeared for a week and didn t respond to texts or voicemails. He later explained he d been swamped with work and apologized repeatedly. Last weekend, he again disappeared for a week. After I texted and left voicemails, he finally texted, Work is big right now. He has told me he likes me because I don’t complain or try to get his attention when he s busy. Actually, I m a wreck when he disappears. My ex would also ignore me for weeks and then text like nothing had happened. Stupid me for staying around for two years, as it ultimately ended when he texted me that he couldn’t talk to me anymore because he d gotten married.
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Wednesday, November 2,2011

Coming-of-old-age story

Jim Harrison shares poetry and mystery

by Bill Castanier
A conversation with Jim Harrison is like opening a box of Cracker Jacks. You get to nibble through the delightful crisp kernels knowing a prize awaits: You just won t know what it is until you get there.
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Wednesday, November 2,2011

Turn it down

by Rich Tupica
(SCENE) hosts one-man-indie-band For those looking for an eclectic mix of rock and indie sounds, (SCENE) Metrospace hosts Commodore Cosmos (a Lansing-area rock duo), Scott Nelson and a return appearance from Jerry Fels and the Jerry Fels, a Massachusetts-based one-man-indie-band.
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Wednesday, November 2,2011

Where there’s a Will, there’s a way

Kevin McKillip lassos a legend in a one-man show at Stormfield Theatre

by James Sanford
(First Folio Theatre), which I m a member of in Chicago, came to me and said, We d like you to do a one-man show, McKillip said. I said, Wonderful. Can I see the script? The surprising reply: We don t have one yet. We were hoping you could write it.
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Wednesday, November 2,2011

Screening room

A bombed Johnny Depp bombs with moviegoers

by James Sanford
If you re Angelina Jolie, you can get the financing to direct In the Land of Blood and Honey, a love story set against the backdrop of the Bosnian war, featuring such major box office magnets as Goran Kostic, Zana Marjanovic and Dolya Gavanski. (Well, perhaps they re box office magnets somewhere.
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Wednesday, November 2,2011

Caustic comedy

When two couples clash, brutal laughs result in Peppermint Creek Theatre Co.’s ‘God of Carnage’

by Christopher Horb
By CHRISTOPHER HORB We seem to live in an age when uncouth behavior is showcased and celebrated across the reality-TV spectrum and audiences can t get enough of it. It s clear there is fun to be had in watching people behaving badly. That is exactly what director Chad Badgero is counting on.
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Wednesday, November 2,2011

Beyond Transylvania

Author discusses ‘Dracula’ Thursday

by Nicole LaChance
Before Edward Cullen and True Blood, there was Dracula, the terrifying blood-sucker from Transylvania. A young Jane Congdon was fascinated by his tale and developed a desire to tour the land of the famous vampire. What followed was a memoir about her 18-day journey and coming to terms with a broken childhood.
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Wednesday, November 2,2011

Howl-oween in Old Town

Disguised dogs compete in annual costume contest

by L. Edward Street
Despite chilly weather, over 100 dog owners squeezed into registration lines for the event. WLMI-FM host Tim Barron hosted the competition and the Wag N Tails Pet Resort company handed out free dog treats and boarding coupons to the top three winners.
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Wednesday, November 2,2011

Not the same old ‘Story’

Can some Spanish flavor spice up ‘West Side Story’? Si, se puede, says one of the tour’s stars

by Robert Sancrainte
West Side Story written by Arthur Laurents, with music by Leonard Bernstein and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim was first  performed in 1957, and in the 50-plus years since then, much of the original has remained constant, with only minor changes to keep the musical fresh while maintaining its timeless appeal.
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Monday, October 31,2011

Mass and massiveness

Lansing Symphony rolls out a pair of blockbusters Saturday

by Lawrence Cosentino
This symphony preview is so erudite you have to take an entry quiz. Match the adjectives in Line A with the nouns from Line B:A. Sacred/secular.B. Gothic cathedral/ Mentos and Diet Coke.If you drew diagonal lines instead of vertical ones, you’re either a compulsive contrarian, a subt...
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