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Wednesday, December 14,2011

A Christmas celebration, Emerald Isle-style

Celtic Woman raises spirits with help from a symphony

by Cristina Toscano
For 22-year-old Celtic Woman singer Chloe Agnew and her group, Christmas is the time to try something new. Instead of the usual six-piece band that accompanies their shows, the four-woman ensemble has brought along a 45-piece symphony orchestra to support them for A Christmas Celebration The Symphony Tour.
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Thursday, December 8,2011

Turn it down

by Rich Tupica
Holiday Sing At Ten Pound Fiddle Come belt out some songs at the 9th Annual Holiday Sing at the Ten Pound Fiddle. The event is hosted by longtime local folk-music supporter Sally Potter, who invites one and all to sing holiday and seasonal selections, no matter what the talent level.
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Wednesday, December 7,2011

‘She goes for it every day’

Selma Hollander’s life in the arts is still in full swing

by Lawrence Cosentino
Michael Rush, the founding director of MSU s new Eli and Edythe Broad art museum, came to East Lansing last year with the daunting mission of selling cutting-edge art and architecture in the heart of Michigan. He quickly discovered an invaluable ally, a kindred spirit and a personal hero.
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Wednesday, December 7,2011

Advice Goddess

Her best friend’s waiting & poach class

by Amy Alkon
Q: My girlfriend s best friend is her ex. They broke up six years ago (upon mutual agreement). She swears she s much happier being his friend and says they both feel they weren t meant to be romantic partners. Well, she clearly adores the hell out of him, and he s her go-to guy for her problems (family, career, and probably any issues with me). She respects my opinion, but sometimes I feel she only asks for it so I won t feel second banana to him. We ve only been dating eight months, and I feel she believes what she says about their friendship, but part of me worries that she s still in love with him but not aware of it. During one of their long phone chats, if he said he wanted to be with her after all, I suspect I d be dumped fast. Second Best
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Wednesday, December 7,2011

From blight to beauty

Author J.H. Shapiro salutes famed Detroit artist Tyree Guyton

by Bill Castanier
Detroit artist Guyton started painting his Heidelberg neighborhood 25 years ago. He had returned to his childhood home after serving in the Army and attending art school, only to find vacant dilapidated and abandoned houses.
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Wednesday, December 7,2011

The gospel according to Whitesnake

’Rock of Ages’ revisits the heyday of hair-rock

by James Sanford
If you can name three big hits from Foreigner's "4" album, or if you can recite from memory all the dramatic dialogue from Pat Benatar's "Love is a Battlefield" video, the Wharton Center has the show for you.
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Wednesday, December 7,2011

Starting over again — again

Tony Sump returns as board president of Lansing Civic Players

by James Sanford
The billboard outside the firehouse that is home to the Lansing Civic Players’ offices is still touting A Family Christmas and Richard III: A Steampunk Musical.
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Wednesday, December 7,2011

Riverwalk rings in the season

A familiar carol turns into a film-noir-style mystery

by Christopher Horb
A legendary carol gets a rewrite in Riverwalk Theatre s The Five Golden Rings, which bows on the main stage Saturday.
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Wednesday, December 7,2011

Penning sings in the season

Soprano reunites with LSO for a holiday pops concert

by Carlee Schepeler
Vocalist Diane Penning has a Christmas party to plan for her husband, three sons and 35 of their closest family members. But not until she sings with three Michigan orchestras at their holiday pops concerts.
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Wednesday, December 7,2011

Giving it his best shot at Spiral

One Saturday night. No shirt. Plenty of 'liquid dynamite.' Lots of money.

by Geoph Espen
My first trip out to the floor left me staring around doe-eyed. Then I realized I still had my shirt on. Going back behind the bar, no shots sold, I tore my white dress shirt off and left my chest bare of everything except my black satin tie (the hair having been painstakingly removed earlier in the day).
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