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Wednesday, August 13,2014

Viagra falls

Musical comedy ‘Married Alive!’ takes aim at life after ‘I do’

by Tom Helma
The 2014-‘15 theater season is off to an inauspicious beginning with "Married Alive," Over the Review Ledge Theater Co.’s lackluster midsummer musical. Before the show, director Rick Dethlefsen urged the audience to follow his mother’s advice: If they find themselves with nothing good to say after the performance, don’t say anything at all. On the other hand, my mom urged me to always tell the truth, so here goes.
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Wednesday, August 13,2014

Read ‘em and cheap

A guide to free and low-cost reading options

by Bill Castanier
If you’re not too picky and you can wait to read recent bestsellers, books are easy to snag for a couple bucks or even free.
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Wednesday, August 13,2014

New in town


When the company that Daniel Rust worked for relocated his insurance claims position to Wisconsin, he opted not to make the move. Instead, he followed a lifelong dream — heck, the lifelong dream of millions of kids.
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Wednesday, August 13,2014

Vouching for vouchers

Maximizing the utility of online vouchers

This summer a friend and I savored a gourmet meal at a local country club. It included an appetizer, two glasses of wine and two enormous entrees. Total cost: $29. No, we didn’t know the waiter and there was no scam involved. We enjoyed this upscale experience thanks to online vouchers, which make it is easy to save big bucks on Lansing meals, massages, golf and goods.
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Wednesday, August 13,2014

Lansing hacks

A brief guide to cheap and free entertainment options in the capital city

by Dylan Sowle
Paying for things is stupid. The man is always trying to keep you down by demanding that you hand over your hardearned currency. There may be no such thing as a free lunch, but that doesnīt mean you canīt crash the buffet. Hold on tight while we suck up every last drop of discount in Lansing.
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Wednesday, August 13,2014

Digging ditch stands

To find low-cost produce on the cheap, get rural

by Nathan Kark
Lansing’s rural areas are filled with farmers who grow too much for their own consumption. The result is the “ditch stand,” a place where freshly harvested goodies are positioned for people to pick up as they pass by. Some farmers simply ask for a donation for their efforts while others just give it away.
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Wednesday, August 13,2014

Feast meets fest


by Alexa McCarthy
As the Renegade Theatre Festival turns Old Town into a giant turntable of live theater this weekend, festivalgoers will need something to munch on. Anticipiating all those empty bellies taking in shows, Old Town will hold its inaugural ART Feast event, featuring 23 local artists, three food trucks and a neighborhood sidewalk sale.
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Wednesday, August 13,2014

Turn it down

A survey of Lansing's musical landscape

by Sarah Winterbottom
Mighty Medicine plays "Meet Me at the Fountain" series Mighty Medicine plays “Meet Me at the Fountain,” a free lunchtime concert series at Reutter Park every Wednesday in August. Guitarist Larry Neuhardt, vocalist DeShaun Snead and percussionist/vocalist John E...
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Thursday, August 7,2014

Book reviews: Notes from Neil

Ronald Reagan and Quentin Coldwater

by Neil Rajala
THURSDAY, AUG. 7 — It's a good week for books. One of my most-anticipated titles of the year arrived and was more than worth the wait. A new American history book is making media waves, for the wrong reasons. Here's what we're reading:
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Thursday, August 7,2014

Folk n’ flavor

Great Lakes Folk Fest adds a dash of color to East Lansing this weekend

by Simone Carter
THURSDAY, Aug. 7 — A celebration of culture, tradition and community is coming to downtown East Lansing this weekend. Michigan State University Museum presents the Great Lakes Folk Festival, Aug. 8-10. Produced by the MSU Museum’s Michigan Traditional Arts Program, the festival features music, dance and food from across America and around the world. With nearly 100 musicians and dancers, the festival features genres and performances ranging from Irish Celtic, bluegrass, klezmer, contra dance, blues, Swedish fiddle, Zydeco, old-time strings, swing jazz, and more.
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