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Wednesday, January 25,2012

Cutting to bedrock

Photographer Curtis Miller brings his spare vision of the Great Lakes to Lansing Art Gallery

by Lawrence Cosentino
Many of the pictures, on display at Lansing Art Gallery through February, record Miller’s solo backcountry trips to the shores of Lake Superior in the off-season. With no human in sight, sheets of ice build into massive crags, push colorful beach rocks into black walls and scour the casual footprints of summer to a blank slate of bedrock.
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Wednesday, January 25,2012

Advice Goddess

Code goo & world wide web of lies

by Amy Alkon
I bet the doc doesn’t have patients show up at whim: “Hi, I was in the neighborhood, and I thought I’d have a physical.”
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Wednesday, January 25,2012

Takin' it to the streets

Poetry in Motion program rolls out on CATA buses

by Bill Castanier
Capital Area Transportation Authority buses traversing mostly along campus routes and down Michigan Avenue will host a moveable feast of poetry, with each bus showcasing interior placards with lines of poetry from 13 poets, including Michigan State University Professors Anita Skeen and Diane Wakoski.
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Wednesday, January 25,2012

Head games

'The Boy in the Bathroom' simply doesn't wash, despite sweet love story

by Paul Wozniak
Imagine the question “to be or not to be?” stretched into a 90-minute musical, and you have the essence of “The Boy in the Bathroom.”
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Wednesday, January 25,2012

Share and share alike

Renovated East Lansing Food Co-op hosts a grand reopening celebration Sunday

by Joe Torok
The East Lansing Food Co-op is looking good these days, thanks largely to extensive renovations that took a year to come to fruition.
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Wednesday, January 25,2012

Turn it down

A survey of Lansing's musical landscape

by Rich Tupica
Flashclash, a poppy dance music group, brings its signature mixture of ‘80s-influenced pop tunes and modern indie-rock to Mac’s Bar Thursday.
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Wednesday, January 25,2012

The screening room

Cheers and jeers for this year's Oscar nominations

by James Sanford
There has never been — and will never be — a flawless crop of Academy Award nominations. But this year´s roster, which was announced Tuesday morning, has more than its share of astonishing omissions.
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Wednesday, January 25,2012

A shot at the Super Bowl

MSU graduate’s Doritos spot makes it to the finals

by Cristina Toscano
In the spot, a bratty youngster brags that he has a bag of Doritos that he won’t share. A disgruntled grandmother uses a little ingenuity — and a willing infant — to turn the tables on the mouthy kid.
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Wednesday, January 25,2012

Theater with a mission

'The Exonerated' exposes the price we pay when the justice system fails

by Robert Sancrainte
After dealing with the anguish of seeing someone she knew mistreated by the justice system, Thatcher decided to do what she could to publicize how death penalty cases have been mismanaged over the years.
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Wednesday, January 25,2012

Creepy, kooky, mysterious, spooky — and singing?

Morticia gets in touch with her inner diva in the 'Addams Family' musical

by Jon James
Sara Gettelfinger, who plays Morticia Addams, says the script plays up the morbid humor in the family’s relationships, tendencies, activities and connections to the outside world that has made the franchise so popular since the comics debuted in the 1930s.
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