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Wednesday, September 24,2014

Elf defense

Acclaimed fantasy author riding high as genre enjoys mainstream success

by Bill Castanier
Imagine the plight of fantasy writer R.A. Salvatore, who grew up with “six mothers” telling him what to do. That would be his actual mother and his five sisters. “My mother had a routine (that) I’ve fought against my whole adult life,” Salvatore said in a phone conversation from his home in Massachusetts. He stresses you have “to get out of routines” to make your imagination work.
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Wednesday, September 24,2014

Curtain call

"Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo" and "60/50 Theatre Project"

by City Pulse
Tiger burning bright Peppermint Creek season opener presents humans as animals with better infrastructure In Rajiv Joseph’s play, “Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo,” Peppermint Creek Theatre Co.’s 12th season opener, war isn’t hell — it’s more...
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Wednesday, September 24,2014

New in town

The Knight Cap/Scoops in Old Town

It looks like downtown Lansing’s longest-running restaurant will be changing ownership soon. Owner/ operator Charlie Sinadinos confirmed this week that her restaurant, The Knight Cap, has been for sale “for a short while,” and an interested party has started the process of taking over.
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Wednesday, September 24,2014

Turn it down

A survey of Lansing's musical landscape

by Rich Tupica
Electric Six at The Loft, Monday, Sept. 29 Detroit’s Electric Six gained international acclaim in 2003 with the single “Danger! High Voltage,” a high-energy, disco-rock song featuring backing vocals from Jack White. It made it to No. 2 on the British charts. The sixpi...
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Wednesday, September 24,2014

Absurd and report


by Jonathan Griffith
David Letterman had his fair share of off-kilter interviews over 31 years as a late night talk show host. Crispin Glover’s manic karate demonstration, Madonna’s multiple f-bomb drops, Joaquin Phoenix’s staged meltdown. But rather than shy away from the absurd, East Lansing-based filmmaker Zachary Zweifler (top left) has embraced it in his faux talk show “Human Food.” So when he interviews strange guests such as Dirtman or Drundil the Drunken Wizard, he doesn’t worry about things getting weird. He expects them to.
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Wednesday, September 24,2014

Prize of fame

Local artists vie for the crown in sixth annual ArtPrize

by Anne Abendroth and Beth Waldon
Over the last six years, Grand Rapids’ ArtPrize contest has elevated visual art from rainy day activity into destination event. Starting today, more than 1,800 artists — including 28 from the Lansing area — will participate in the 19-day art competition in various indoor and outdoor venues throughout downtown Grand Rapids.
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Monday, September 22,2014

Applause time

Annual arts awards open for nominations

by City Pulse Staff
Monday, Sept. 22 — You can nominate an individual, business, organization, or official for the Art Council of Greater Lansing’s, Applause Awards. Nominees should show commitment along with contributions and support for the council and the arts in the tri-county area.
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Friday, September 19,2014

Taxi driver

Locally shot film gets weeklong run at Celebration! Cinema

by City Pulse Staff
Friday, Sept. 19 — “Buffalo,” the fourth feature film from Lansing filmmaker Michael McCallum, receives a special weeklong run at Celebration! Cinema starting Sunday.
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Friday, September 19,2014

Peace of the action

Local event celebrates Global Day of Peace on Sunday

Friday, Sept. 19 — This is the fourth year Lansing will celebrate Global Day of Peace, a day centered on promoting kinship, benevolence, and generosity. The day's festivities will take place on 1133 S. Washington Ave., from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Sept. 21.
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Thursday, September 18,2014

Book reviews: Notes from Neil

Adventures in Science and Waffles

by Neil Rajala
THURSDAY, SEPT. 18 — The weather's decidedly cooler, the long-sleeved clothes have been unpacked, I've even spent a couple of evenings reading in front of the fireplace. You know what that means, don't you? The season for getting caught up on our piles of books is upon us! Here's what we're reading:
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