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Friday, May 18,2012

Cirque circuit

'Quidam' bus tour visits area locations

by Tracy Key
The circus will be coming to town early this week, but there won’t be a trumpeting elephant or dancing bear to be found. In fact, there won’t even be a tent to accompany this traveling attraction. Instead, a vividly painted tour bus will bring the clowns to town (metaphorically speaking, since there won’t be any clowns either).
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Thursday, May 17,2012

Starlight takes the 'Cake'

Zany 'Red Velvet' is a country-fried crowd pleaser

“I’ll tell you exactly how, Miss Sour Britches! Oh, I’m hosting this reunion all right, and it’s gonna be the best one in Verdeen family history. And it’ll be a really good time for a change, unlike the constipated snooze-fests you throw every year. And you know what? I’ll bake Uncle Aubrey the most incredible red velvet cake he’s ever laid tongue to! And you’ll just have to shut your yap and accept it.”
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Wednesday, May 16,2012

One house, 100 stories

Potter House tour meanders through the halls of history

by Lawrence Cosentino
“There are some Catholics who won’t come inside because exorcisms were performed in the house,” he said with a grin. Potter House, one of the city’s biggest and most idiosyncratic homes, served a stint in the 1960s and 1970s as lavish crib for three successive heads of Lansing’s Roman Catholic diocese.
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Wednesday, May 16,2012

When Charlie met Igor

Pianist steals Lansing Symphony season finale

by Lawrence Cosentino
Big symphonies by titans like Mahler and Sibelius evoke a similar shiver in some listeners, no matter how good the orchestra — or the biscuits — are. To take Lansing’s symphony lovers for one last spin, Thursday’s season finale offered a dread-free symphonic trip: two ripping cruises, with civilization always in view, no storms over two minutes long and a party in every port.
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Wednesday, May 16,2012

Piano power

'Boogie Stomp!' rocks Stormfield Theatre

by Tom Helma
Mixing historic commentary with solos and duets that demonstrate a flexibility of flying fingers, Bob Baldori and Bob Seeley demonstrate a rapid-fire virtuoso versatility, moving effortlessly from one form of boogie-woogie to another. The “St Louis Blues,” played by Seeley, progresses through various incarnations, then Baldori adds a cover of an early Chuck Berry tune.
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Wednesday, May 16,2012

Advice Goddess

I get a kickball out of you & last tango in suburban living room

by Amy Alkon
Q: My boyfriend of three months is 22, and so am I. He tells me he loves me but is horrible about returning texts and calls and following through with dates. (He seems to ditch me if something better comes along.) He also doesn’t treat me very well around others. Recently, he got really drunk at a party and was hitting on my friend all night, though she ignored him. I finally pulled him aside and said he was hurting my feelings, and he said I was too sensitive and I’m just jealous that people like him. He later disappeared from the party for over an hour, and when I asked him where he’d gone, he said, “What are you, my mom?”
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Wednesday, May 16,2012

Frightening and funny

Louise Krug's dreams of a glamorous career were curtailed by a crisis

by Bill Castanier
Louise Krug had just started her dream life with a college degree, a new job, glam clothes, a wonderful and handsome boyfriend and a magazine assignment chasing Britney Spears. She was looking forward to the beautiful life California had to offer.
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Wednesday, May 16,2012

Food Finder

by City Pulse
PALACE OF JAMAICA — This tiny restaurant serves authentic island tastes, including curry goat, oxtail, fried plantains and jerk chicken. 424 S. Washington Square, Lansing. 11 a.m.-11 p.m. Monday-Saturday; 12:30 p.m.-11 p.m. Sunday (517) 977-1763. D, TO, SF, RES, OM, $$
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Wednesday, May 16,2012

Turn it down

by Rich Tupica
'90s Alt-Rockers at Uli's Caroline’s Spine, who saw national success with Hollywood Records back in the mid-‘90s, plays Thursday at Uli’s Haus of Rock. Opening the show are modern-rockers Adalene and the acoustic-rock sounds of Surviving Justin. Caroline’s Spine, led by lead singer/songwriter Jimmy Newquist, toured throughout the ‘90s, putting out singles like “The Light Inside” and “Sullivan” and sharing the bills with alt-bands like Catherine Wheel and Better Than Ezra, as well as legends like KISS and Aerosmith. Around
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Wednesday, May 16,2012

Next stage for 'Backstage'

WKAR music series has a new performance space and a different look: It will now be in high-definition

by James Sanford
Zeko announced the series will be taping its first four episodes June 26 and 27 at the Albert White Performing Arts Theater in the Hannah Community Center instead of WKAR-TV’s Studio A of the Michigan State University’s Communication Arts and Sciences building.
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