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Wednesday, June 4,2014

2014 Summer Guide

by Allan I. Ross, Alexa McCarthy, Eric Finkler and Bill Castanier
River phoenix  Grand River gets reimagined as entertainment focal point instead of backdrop  by Allan I. Ross Between now and Labor Day — affectionately known in mid-Michigan as either “mosquito season” or “three months of bad sleddin...
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Friday, May 30,2014

Decker’s Coffee closes

Owner claims downtown Lansing business will reopen, but no date set

by Allan I. Ross
Friday, May 30 — After a year under new ownership, Decker’s Coffee Co., also known as Cup of Dessert, closed for business today at 2 p.m. The closing was announced on the business’ Facebook page Thursday:
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Friday, May 30,2014

Uncharted waterways

New events for the first-time Grand American Fish Rodeo event revealed

by Eric Finkler
FRIDAY, May 30 — The waters have begun to churn in anticipation for a new event coming to Lansing next month: The Grand American Fish Rodeo. Terry Terry, President of the Michigan Institute of Contemporary Art, spoke at the monthly Lansing Rotary Club meeting today about the event, which will focus on the city’s iconic Grand River
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Thursday, May 29,2014

Turn it down

A survey of Lansing's musical landscape

by Rich Tupica
Rebel Pictures-hosted show at Midtown - Saturday, May 31. Graham Lindsey has a style of folk Rolling Stone called “both hick and haunting.” Lindsey, who just released his “Digging up Birds” disc, plays Midtown Brewing Co. He’ll be joined on stage by his w...
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Wednesday, May 28,2014

Made in Lansing

Historical Society exhibit rolls through 150 years of innovation Every wheel partakes of poetry, plays with pi and pulls more than its weight in anything. Much more. Thatīs how Lansing rolls.

by Lawrence Cosentino
Made in Lansing, a new exhibit by the Historical Society of Greater Lansing, rolls through 150-plus years of manufacturing innovation in a city that sits in the center of Michigan like the hub of a wheel. Thatīs why itīs the capital, after all.
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Wednesday, May 28,2014

Out on the Town

by City Pulse Staff
SATURDAY, MAY 31 >> BE A TOURIST IN YOUR OWN TOWN This Saturday, an estimated 15,000 people are expected to hit the streets of Lansing, East Lansing, Okemos and the neighboring burbs for the Greater Lansing Convention & Visitors Bureau’s 20th Annual Be A Tourist In Your ...
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Wednesday, May 28,2014

Out on the Town

by City Pulse
The lesson we learned this spring is that you can never underestimate public appetite for religiosity-soaked entertainment.
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Wednesday, May 28,2014

‘Wrinkle’ treatment

Over the Ledge launches summer season with ambitious adaptation

Science fiction and beloved children’s books are risky categories for modestly budged community theater productions. With its 2014 season premiere, “A Wrinkle In Time,” Over the Ledge Theatre Co. took on the challenge of John Glore’s double-whammy adaptation of Madeleine L’Engle’s outstanding young adult/sci-fi novel.
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Thursday, May 22,2014

Book reviews: Notes from Neil

Books for the Lawn Chairs

by Neil Rajala
Thursday, May 22 – It's quite warm out as I write this week. Hot and sunny, following a couple days of rain. If I listen closely, I can just about hear my recently-mowed grass growing up past my ankles again. Here's what we're reading:
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Wednesday, May 21,2014

Art, dreams and jazz

Michael Stratton brings broader perspective to new series of Broad Museum tours

by Lawrence Cosentino
Your eyes can get a real workout at the Broad Art Museum — from rolling to the back of your head. I’m not talking about the art, but the people you run into: Self-styled experts who canīt shut up, wise-guys who ask where the “real” art is, preening hipsters, outraged moralists, “this reminds-me-of” reductionists — they all show up sooner or later, usually right next to you.
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