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Wednesday, April 10,2013

Favorite flavor

Annual event spotlights sites, tastes of Old Town

by Dana Casadei
Wednesday, April 10 — This Saturday, at the sixth annual Taste and Tour of Old Town, you can get acclimated to the trendy Lansing district through all five of your senses.
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Friday, April 5,2013

Uke got served

Local teen plays on trolley tonight for First Fridays

by Allan I. Ross
Friday, April 5 — For two years, Lansing First Fridays has given mid-Michigan entertainment junkies a good reason to look forward to the first Friday of every month — and guess what tonight is.
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Friday, April 5,2013

Friday Fashion Pulse

Color coated

by Marisol Dorantes
Friday, April 5 — Ah, April — the beginning of… another winter? (Yep, there's snow in the forecast for this weekend.) While our calendars might say spring, the frigid winter winds are overstaying their welcome. As relentless as nature can be, so can the fashionable residents of Lansing.
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Thursday, April 4,2013

Gig Report

A rundown of Lansing shows this week

by Hannah Scott
Thursday, April 4 — What better way to bring in a warm, early spring weekend than with some bright indie and laid-back mellow rock shows? The styles — both homegrown and all the way from Vancouver — make their way to Lansing this weekend through the likes of Hey Ocean and Billiards music.
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Wednesday, April 3,2013

The gallery that isn't

Neighborhood Empowerment Center raises ghost of Kresge Art Museum

by Lawrence Cosentino
Art is supposed to stir deep questions. Here's one that comes to mind the minute you walk into the Neighborhood Empowerment Center in northwest Lansing: "What is this — a gallery or something?"
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Wednesday, April 3,2013

First Sunday

by City Pulse Staff
New Exhibits The Avenue Café  Work by James McFarland. Hours: 10 a.m.-midnight. Monday-Saturday; noon-5 p.m. Sunday. 2021 E. Michigan Ave, Lansing. (517) 853-0550. EagleMonk Pub and Brewery “Lost Butterfly Studio,” macro photography by Rodney Johnson. Re...
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Wednesday, April 3,2013

Williamston's funny 'Valentine'

Funny, poignant look at middle age grounded in sincerity

by Paul Wozniak
Meet Shirley Valentine: a middle-aged wife, mother and genre trope who learns to love herself on an excursion to a foreign country. She sometimes speaks in rhetorical Oprah-isms, such as, "You don’t start again at 46, do you?"
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Wednesday, April 3,2013

New in town

Jonna's 2 Go & Portable Feast and Friends

The "gateway to East Lansing" is getting a little more welcoming this week with the opening of Jonna's 2 Go, the western-most location for a series of southeast Michigan-based convenience stores.
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Wednesday, April 3,2013

Turn it down

A survey of Lansing's musical landscape

by Rich Tupica
Known as the "Belleville Three," Detroit producers Derrick May, Juan Atkins and Kevin Saunderson are heralded as the innovators of techno. Saturday, Saunderson performs at The Loft.
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Wednesday, April 3,2013

The great outdoors

Film festival celebrates extreme sports, instills a love of nature

by Dana Casadei
"Extreme" and "extraordinary" are two words that are frequently used to describe the Banff Mountain Film Festival. "Inspiration" follows closely behind.
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