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Wednesday, February 25,2015

‘The realities of our bodies’

Panel discusses the messages found in ‘The Women We Are’

by Ariel Rogers
AA Creative Corridor was full of friends of the artist as well as complete strangers for an intimate discussion of body image in relation to Amanda Grieshop’s “The Women We Are” exhibit. The event featured Grieshop and Tara Scott of 3 Jewels Yoga, as well as Kristina Keller, Brittany Laidlaw and Julie Brewer — three of the subjects photographed for the project. The goal was to provide a safe space for intelligent and constructive conversations about the touchy subjects of body image and nudity.
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Wednesday, February 25,2015

Green report: Tangerine dream

Helping Hand offers quality products, professional setting

by Steve Green
We pulled into Helping Hands Holistic Center, on Van Dyke Avenue just south of 8 Mile Road in Detroit, at almost 8 p.m., unaware that it was their closing time. It was quite easy to find, even for out-of-towners. Although I was there at the end of the day, I was greeted and graciousl...
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Monday, February 23,2015

Book reviews: Notes from Neil

Three From the Vortex

by Neil Rajala
MONDAY, FEB. 23 — How come nobody's using the phrase "polar vortex" to describe these recent days of record-setting cold weather? I kinda miss it. Hard to believe I'm feeling nostalgic for last winter. Here's what we're reading:
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Wednesday, February 18,2015

No chair throwing

Top state jazzmen Tim Froncek, Vincent Bowens spend a swinging week at MSU

by Lawrence Cosentino
A lot of people have gotten their idea of what goes on in a jazz class from that chair-throwing jerk of an instructor, Terry Fletcher, in the Oscar-nominated film "Whiplash." The two latest guest artists at MSU´s Jazz Studies program, drummer Tim Froncek and saxophonist Vincent Bowens, are cut from finer cloth.
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Wednesday, February 18,2015

´Now we´re about nothing´

Harry Belafonte brings down the hammer in passionate MSU lecture

by Lawrence Cosentino
Harry Belafonte is a tall tree with deep roots in music, movies and civil rights activism, but he didn´t come to Michigan State University last week to cast a kindly shadow. At 88, he was desperately planting seeds. Addressing a packed conference room at the Kellogg Center Thursday afternoon, the actor-singer-activist slammed the American culture of greed and accused colleges and universities of turning their backs on the humanities.
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Wednesday, February 18,2015

How Malcolm became X

New young adult novel tells the story of Malcolm X’s formative years

by Bill Castanier
“It is so important for you and me to spend time today learning something about the past so that we can better understand the present, analyze it and then do something about it.” This is not a quote from a famous historian, it’s from the firebrand civil rights activist Malcolm X. Those who have read about his transformation from petty street criminal to formidable civil rights activist will not be surprised by his passion for history.
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Wednesday, February 18,2015

Curtain call: Fantastic voyage

Ixion Theatre brings the outlandish tales of Louis de Rougemont to life

by Mary C. Cusack
Ixion Theatre’s latest production, “Shipwrecked! An Entertainment — the Amazing Adventures of Louis de Rougemont (as Told by Himself)” is the polar opposite of its last play. Review “Topdog/Underdog” was gritty, intense and tragic, while “Shipwrecked!” is innocent, charming and cute. And while “Topdog” benefited from the bare and intimate space of the AA Creative Corridor, “Shipwrecked!” would benefit from a space that offers better light and sound effects. The play is based on the real-life and imagined exploits of one Henri Grin. In the late 1800s, Grin created a fantastical (and mostly fictional) biography, under the pseudonym Louis de Rougemont, which he sold to London’s Wide World Magazine.
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Wednesday, February 18,2015

Turn it down

A survey of Lansing's musical landscape

by Rich Tupica
Dirk Powell and Riley Baugus at the Ten Pound Fiddle, Friday, Feb. 20 Fiddler Dirk Powell and banjoist/guitarist Riley Baugus bring their oldtime music expertise to the Ten Pound Fiddle. Deeply rooted in Appalachian heritage, both members of the duo are highly regarded in the American...
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Wednesday, February 18,2015

New in town

by Allan I. Ross
Just to be clear: There’s nobody named Dan behind the scenes at Dan’s Coney Island — at least not now. The fledgling diner on Lansing’s south side may coincidentally hire an eponymous member to its crew someday, but no Dan yet. Instead, owner/ operator John Gjidoda came up with the name by taking the first initial from each of his three kids. Given that those three letters could have also formed an acronym for the molecule that carries the genetic instructions for life, a conjunction or a slang nickname for a very sensitive body part, “Dan” seems like a fine choice.
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Wednesday, February 18,2015

Beyond Batman

Feb. 20

by Jonathan Griffith
The mainstream comics industry is something of a mess these days. The big two, Marvel and DC Comics, are so busy grooming their characters in hopes of making millions of dollars with movie adaptations that revisions and reboots have become as expected as Batman handing the Joker his own teeth. With so much effort to turn the medium into a multi-media product, it can be easy to overlook the fact that comic books can achieve an artistry that few other mediums can.
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