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Thursday, July 24,2014

Book reviews: Notes from Neil

Music, Music, Music

by Neil Rajala
THURSDAY, July 24 — One thing I love about summer is the musical soundtrack. The concerts around town, driving around with my windows down listening to my favorite new CD. And with the right book, music can be just as satisfying to read about as it is to listen to. Here's what we're reading:
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Wednesday, July 23,2014

No Brainard

Public art by longtime MSU prof is destroyed, covered up

by Lawrence Cosentino
The push for new public art is well under way at Michigan State University and growing in Lansing and other mid-Michigan towns. But in the stampede to new art, gems from the past are sometimes trampled, or at least neglected.
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Wednesday, July 23,2014

Overdue appreciation

The digital age puts the ‘e’ in ‘library’

by Bill Castanier
With apologies to Mark Twain, reports of the death of libraries are greatly exaggerated, and two prominent Lansing-area librarians couldn’t agree more.
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Wednesday, July 23,2014

History of the world, take 2

Williamston serves up big laughs with audacious musical comedy

During a summer when a plane crash in Ukraine or clashes over tunnels in the Middle East could become very real global game-changers, the success of a play like “The Big Bang” is less than assured. After all, this is a musical that summarizes the horror of the Holocaust via Eva Braun’s lyrical lament of picking a bad boyfriend.
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Wednesday, July 23,2014

New in town


by Allan I. Ross
With the grand opening this week of the new Lansing City Market lunch spot For CrÍpe Sake, downtown diners can now get a fast, light lunch with upscale European sensibilities. Leave it to an American — the store’s owner, Mark Owen — to give a crÍperie a name that takes all the pretense out of Continental dining.
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Wednesday, July 23,2014

Million dollar gift

MSU’s LGBT Resource Center receives $1 million bequest

by Eric Finkler
WEDNESDAY, July 23 — On Tuesday, the Michigan State University Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Resource Center announced it had received a $1 million dollar bequest for establishing a new outreach fund. As a bequest, the donation won’t take place immediately, the center’s director, Deanna Hulbert, said the gift’s impact would be instantaneous.
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Wednesday, July 23,2014



by Alexandra Harakas
Crowdsourcing is a new City Pulse occasional feature that will highlight local crowdsourcing campaigns. To find the events, go to the designated website and search by title.
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Wednesday, July 23,2014

Topping out

The ups and downs of Grand Ledge’s rock climbing scene

by Rachel E. Cabose
Collin Roys is 15 feet off the ground and he’s stuck. His hands and feet are dug into tiny crevices along a vertical section of buff-colored rock. The rope attached to a harness around his waist is taut, stretching up to a metal clip tied to a tree above him and back down to the ground.
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Wednesday, July 23,2014

The other summer box office


by Jonathan Griffith
The summer is about halfway over and the cinemas have already beaten our brains senseless with yet more installments of violent transforming robots, planet conquering apes and the conflicts of misunderstood mutant heroes. Looking at the month ahead, the “blockbusters” aren’t even close to being done with us yet — more Marvel superheroes, more sword-and-sandal epics and yet another serving of heroes in a half shell. Fortunately, the local theater scene has plenty of alternatives for kids … and adults looking for an oasis from summer’s sequel sizzle.
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Wednesday, July 23,2014

Turn it down

A survey of Lansing's musical landscape

by Sarah Winterbottom and Andy Balaskovitz
The Whiskey Pickers say goodbye - Saturday, July 26. This weekend, the Whiskey Pickers — a four-piece, Lansing-based outfit with strong traditional bluegrass influences — perform what will very likely be the band’s last show. Two of the members — Sam Winternheime...
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