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Wednesday, December 31,2014

New in town

by Allan I. Ross
Coffee grounded It was a good year for local java junkies. Strange Matter Coffee Co., 2001 E. Michigan Ave., opened in Lansing’s newly (re)named East Town neighborhood. And two new “micro-roasters” started cranking out bags of beans to local restaurants and specialty retail shops: Bloom Coffee Roasters and Rust Belt Roastery, both in Old Town.
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Wednesday, December 31,2014

Dance away to the blues

Friday, Jan. 2

by Jonathan Griffith
There is something decidedly retro about Lansing’s REO Town. Granted, it’s a revitalized corner of town built on the historic grounds where some of the world’s first automobiles were massproduced, but even the area’s residents would admit that the throwback vibe is pervasive. Come on, they have a restaurant called Vintage Café, people. It only makes sense then that for a couple Fridays out of the month, REO Town hosts an event where you can slick back your hair, grab your best girl and dance the Cake Walk. Enter Sugar House Blues
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Tuesday, December 23,2014

Michigan stories

Gift suggestions for books from and about the Great Lake State

by Bill Castanier
Adventurous chipmunks, as featured in City Pulse´s cover story this week, aren’t the only Michigan characters that made their way onto the page this year. If you’re still looking for a last-minute gift for that bookworm on your list, consider one of these selections with local connections. Dennis O. Cawthorne’s “Mackinac Island: Inside, Up Close, and Personal” and Michael Federspiel’s “Little Traverse Bay” are both delightful looks at the history of Michigan’s cottage life.
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Tuesday, December 23,2014

NYE 2015

A selection of Lansing-area New Year’s events for Wednesday, Dec. 31

by City Pulse
Beggar’s Banquet Complimentary champagne toast at midnight and food specials all evening. 5 p.m. FREE. Beggar’s Banquet, 218 Abbot Road, East Lansing. (517) 351-4540. Crowne Plaza Lansing West/Bordeaux “Great Gatsby”-themed celebration includes five-course dinner...
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Tuesday, December 23,2014

Awww inspiring

Local author’s formula: Patience plus determination minus digital manipulation

In 1958, Alvin, Simon and Theodore harmonized on “The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don’t Be Late),” the novelty holiday tune that introduced the immortal Christmas plea, “Me, I want a hoooola hooooooop.” (Sorry if that’s stuck in your head now.) Singer/songwriter Ross Bagdassarian employed simple audio trickery to create the helium-voiced trio that would go on to spawn albums, Saturday morning cartoons and a live action movies series.
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Tuesday, December 23,2014

Turn it Down

A survey of Lansing's musical landscape

by Rich Tupica
NYE with Peoples Temple, Devil´s Cut, Plurals at Avenue Cafe, Wednesday, Dec. 31 The Avenue Café is kicking off the New Year with a roster of loud and local rock ‘n’ roll bands. Co-headliners are Peoples Temple and the Devil’s Cut; openers are the Plurals and Voyag...
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Tuesday, December 23,2014

Tip your songwriter

Lansing’s music scene sounds off on licensing fees

by Casey Bye
According to the long-running MasterCard ads, an experience can be priceless. Of course, the actual price of that experience includes a $90 concert ticket, a $15 transaction fee, $20 for parking and a few PBR tallboys ranging anywhere from $3 to $8 a pop. But the opportunity to see the Rolling Stones perform one last time (or one more last time) or Of Montreal pull out a three-song stretch of David Bowie songs — that truly is hard to put a price on.
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Thursday, December 18,2014

Book reviews: Notes from Neil

In the (Saint) Nick of Time, Pt. 2

by Neil Rajala
Thursday, Dec. 18 — As promised, the final three genres, with my favorite three titles in each. A friend wrote after last week that my list didn't match hers because we didn't read many of the same books. To which I say "perfect!" Let's help each other discover great things to read. Here's what we're reading:
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Wednesday, December 17,2014

Ford focus

Pulitzer Prize-winning MSU grad back with new novella

by Bill Castanier
Author Richard Ford is on the road again promoting his newest book, “Let Me Be Frank With You.” Along for the ride is Frank Bascombe, the peripatetic protagonist in the book’s four novellas, as well as three of Ford’s other novels. In a phone conversation last week from a hotel in Oxford, Miss., Ford, 70, said he was “pleasantly surprised” by the book’s popularity; a recent lecture in Pittsburgh attracted 1,000 readers. A commonly held belief by critics and reviewers that novelists sometimes turn to novellas or short story collections to fulfill contracts, but Ford bristles at that suggestion: “It’s not a knockoff by any means." Ford said he didn’t take on a novel because he “didn’t have the chops for it.”
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Wednesday, December 17,2014

History lesson

Wharton welcomes ‘Annie’ back for trip down memory lane

by Paul Wozniak
“Annie” is back, and it’s more than just overplayed hits. Part musical fantasy time capsule, part political commentary, the 37-year-old show feels strangely relevant in a post-recession world. More importantly, the freshly revived touring production is a polished machine designed to entertain.
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