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Thursday, February 27,2014

Book reviews: Notes from Neil

Coincidence? I Think Not

by Neil Rajala
Thursday, Feb. 27 — Two books dealing with the subject of coincidences - one fiction, one non. Both books address the concepts of probability and chance in delightful ways, and it's no coincidence that I put them together this week. Here's what we're reading:
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Wednesday, February 26,2014

‘You’re coming to my house’

Etienne Charles brings MSU jazz students, profs to Trinidad

by Lawrence Cosentino
Anyone who spent Michigan’s sub-zero week from Jan. 26 to Feb. 2 in the green hills of Trinidad is bound to get envious looks.
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Wednesday, February 26,2014

Out On the Town

by City Pulse Staff
THURSDAY, FEB. 27 >> ‘Slavery to Freedom: An American Odyssey’ Speakers John Seigenthaler is an award-winning journalist/political aide who participated in the Freedom Rides and was the founding editorial director of USA Today. Seigenthaler wraps the Slavery to Fre...
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Wednesday, February 26,2014

No place like Rome

Italian Best Foreign Language nominee could win the Oscar on Sunday

What could be better than living as a celebrity intellectual playboy in the cultural mecca of Rome? You would be surrounded by great minds with whom you could have an unending string of ethical and logical debates.
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Wednesday, February 26,2014

New In Town

Grace Boutique/Bradly´s Home & Garden/Cravings Gourmet Popcorn

Several Old Town denizens have cast Horace Greeley’s advice to the wind, making plans to boldly go east across the apparent Cedar Street divide. The big news this week was Grace Boutique of Old Town’s upcoming move to Young’s Landing, the building across the street to the north from the neighborhood’s landmark Temple Club building.
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Wednesday, February 26,2014

Turn it down

A survey of Lansing's musical landscape

by Rich Tupica
This story was corrected on Feb. 27. An earlier version incorrectly stated the venue of Connie Kaldor's Ten Pound Fiddle concert Friday. She will perform at Unitarian Universalist Church in East Lansing. Liz Longley at the Pump House - Fri. Feb 28th According to Liz Longley's ...
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Wednesday, February 26,2014

A comedian walks into a classroom …

Stand-up comic teaches budding comedians the art of writing jokes

by Shawn Parker
Like any other art form, comedy is an evolving system, where the prevailing social climate and scandal du-jour inform what makes the masses laugh. But we’ve come a long way from the days of Henny Youngman’s “take my wife … please!” one-liners.
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Wednesday, February 26,2014

The Impact’s impact

MSU student-run radio station hits a quarter century

by Alexandra Harakas
When Michigan State University’s Impact 89FM (88.9 WDBM-FM) debuted 25 years ago this week, the Internet was barely a thing. Today, the award-winning student-run radio station provides 24/7 commercial free content over the local airwaves and across the Web, at impact89fm.org. Not bad for a spinoff of a university radio network launched in an attic.
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Wednesday, February 26,2014

Glass action

Craig Mitchell Smith brings his factory, showroom to Old Town

by Jonathan Griffith
The freestanding glass sculptures of artist Craig Mitchell Smith recently found a new home to refract their dapples of color. Smith moved his gallery from the Meridian Mall in Okemos to Old Town on Jan. 1, and held a grand opening last Sunday.
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Friday, February 21,2014

REVIEW: Into the woods

A pair of lost souls search for hidden truths in Purple Rose drama

by Tom Helma
Friday, Feb. 21 — Contrary to the eloquently expressed opinion of William Shakespeare, all the world is not a stage. Lanford Wilson’s script for “Redwood Curtain,” playing through March 15 at the Purple Rose Theatre in Chelsea, suggests that it is possible for people to step away from the fury of the madding crowd, to seek solitude and serenity in the quiet, stately forests of the Pacific Northwest.
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