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Wednesday, October 15,2014

Road trip to resistance

Reflections from Michigan students who joined protests in Ferguson

by Michael Gerstein
ST. LOUIS — In a questionable Denny's somewhere outside of Michigan City, Ind., Crystal Gause told me she was ready to die. We made a pit stop for a cheap lunch on our way to Ferguson. It must have been on her mind for a while; a thought like that tends to sit like oil on water.
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Friday, October 10,2014

Halloween showcase

Fun for all at the first “How-To-Halloween” event at the Lansing Center

FRIDAY, OCT. 10 – A friendly Halloween decorating competition between two across-the-street neighbors sparked their collaboration for Lansing’s first “How-To-Halloween.” As the weekend segment of the line-up of tours, projects, and guest-speakers in...
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Friday, October 10,2014

Bike Tweed Up

Lansing Bike Party is a throwback to 1890 with Tweed Ride

by Anne Abendroth
They may look a little fancier than your typical cyclists, but they are sure to be warm. Old school Schwinns with people in vintage style wool knickers will be cruising along Michigan Avenue Vintage this evening as part of the Lansing Bike Party annual Tweed Ride. The ride st...
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Friday, October 10,2014

Old Town rooftop menace?

Henry Brimmer art display debuts during Old Town Oktoberfest

by Beth Waldon
FRIDAY, OCT. 10 – Old Town is under surveillance. Perched atop a Turner Street building are silhouetted figures that could cause your heart to stop for a second. One appears to have binoculars; the other, a rifle.
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Wednesday, October 8,2014


by City Pulse
Absentee walk-in voting hours extended to meet demand in Lansing If absentee ballots are an early indication, this election season has voter attention. The Lansing City Clerk expanded absentee walk-in voting hours at the South Washington Office Complex Election Unit ,which will stay open later on Wednesdays until 7 p.m.
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Wednesday, October 8,2014

Eyesore of the week

by Daniel Bollman, AIA
Property: 4000 N. Grand River Ave., Lansing Owner: Sam X. Eyde Assessed: $401,400 Owner says: “This site was approved by the Lansing Brownfield Redevelopment Authority on May 5 this year. We are waiting on final documents any day now, which will allow for the building to be comp...
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Wednesday, October 8,2014

Predictable differences

Walberg and Byrnes far apart in 7th District congressional race

by Mickey Hirten
When looking at campaign financing, it is often the political action committees that define the candidate. The Koch brothers´ PAC contributions to Republican Rep. Tim Walberg signal arch conservative; money from the Sierra Club to his 7th District Democratic challenger, Pam Byrnes, reflect her liberal politics.
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Wednesday, October 8,2014

Just say no

East Lansing shuts the door on Just Energy

by Todd A. Heywood
Lansing and East Lansing residents are encouraged to call police if representatives of Just Energy come knocking on their door. East Lansing barred the company Sept. 24 from soliciting door-to-door after applicants for peddler’s licenses were denied for criminal records.
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Wednesday, October 8,2014

Being in Lansing

South Lansing man fishes for those hungry for spirit, unity and belief

by Belinda Thurston
“Believe” That’s how the man at the corner of Cavanaugh and Cedar Lansing wants to be known. It’s 7:40 a.m. Thursday. The sun is barely breaking through the foggy September air. The roads are thick with rushing cars. “Believe” is already hard at work.
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Tuesday, October 7,2014

Same-sex marriage milestone

Supreme Court refuses to hear marriage equality cases, all eyes on Michigan now

by Todd A. Heywood
After the U.S. Supreme Court let stand same-sex marriage laws in five states today, Michigan supporters are waiting to join the club. But the proverbial jury is still out.
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