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Wednesday, April 29,2015

Midas’ touch

Joshua Davis advances to top six on “The Voice”

by Ty Forquer
Last week, Michigan-based singer Joshua Davis narrowly avoided elimination from reality TV singing competition “The Voice,” needing his fans to voice their support on Twitter to activate the show’s “Instant Save” in the closing seconds of the April 21 results show.
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Friday, April 24,2015

Lansing report

Drones are everywhere — here's why

by Capital News Service
LANSING — Seems like every day we’re hearing something new about drones, whether it’s military use of drones overseas, Amazon floating the idea of creating a drone delivery system, journalists using drones to report stories — or even just a neighbor down the street who bought a drone for fun.
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Wednesday, April 22,2015

Eyesore of the week

by Daniel Bollman, AIA
Property: 1022 E. Kalamazoo St. Lansing Owner: David and Wendy Moncada, unavailable for comment Although it is red tagged and boarded up, this simple house appears to be in reasonable shape. A few minor changes, as shown in the above sketch, would significantly improve its curb appeal...
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Wednesday, April 22,2015

Itīs about Thyme

New grocery store highlights changing shopping desires

by Mickey Hirten
Long gone are the days when a grocery store was a simply a grocery store. At Meijer, for example, food is just part of the shopping experience. The same with Target and Walmart, which have embraced the food and everything else mission.
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Wednesday, April 22,2015

East Lansing ballot battle

Righting historical anachronism or land grab?

by Todd A. Heywood
Underneath the Marriott Hotel in downtown East Lansing is a 30-year-old parking ramp. Most assume it belongs to the Marriott, but that assumption is wrong. The city owns the property, and under agreements it is required to maintain the facility in working condition. To shed this responsibility, the City Council in 2008 asked voters for permission to sell the property to the Marriott. Despite 57 percent of voters saying yes to the proposal, the measure failed because it didn’t reach 60 percent, as required by the City Charter.
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Wednesday, April 22,2015

11 Council candidates

Delgado drops out of at-large race

by Todd A. Heywood
In a surprising turn of events, At-Large Lansing City Councilman Vincent Delgado decided against seeking election to the seat he was appointed to earlier this year. He is not running primarily to spend more time raising his children to be “good citizens,” he said Tuesday after the 4 p.m. filing deadline.
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Wednesday, April 22,2015

Gardin of positivity

James Gardin fills Mac’s Bar with positive vibes

by Sarah Spohn
When James Gardin stepped onto the stage at Mac’s Bar on Saturday, he admitted he was overwhelmed by the crowd. Eight songs and over an hour later, however, there was no sign of nerves or tension. The crowd’s participation— singing along, heads swaying and hands waving — served as a salute to Gardin’s inspirational brand of hip hop.
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Wednesday, April 22,2015

Murky waters

State officials unconcerned about failing water-policy grade

by Brooke Kansier/Capital News Service
In a state surrounded by 20 percent of the world’s fresh water, overuse and sustainability might not be the first thing on the minds of Michiganders. And according to a study that graded states on their water policies and conservation, these concerns may not be very common in state government, either. The Alliance for Water Efficiency’s most recent scorecard gave Michigan a mere three points out of the possible 40 for water efficiency and policy. Compare that to places such as fellow Great Lakes state Wisconsin with 15.5, Rhode Island’s 20, or California’s 29.
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Wednesday, April 15,2015

What is Proposal 1 all about?

Navigating the road funding solution: A City Pulse special report

by City Pulse
And unless you live in East Lansing, Lansing Township or the school districts of Holt, Williamston or Webberville, thereīs nothing else on the ballot. So what the heck is it? Well, itīs as simple or complex as you want to make it. Hereīs the simple story. Weīd be paying 1 cent more for every dollar purchase we make. If itīs a $20 purchase, itīs about 20 cents more; $50 purchase, 50 cents more; $100, $1 more, etc. It also raises the cost of a fill-up about $1.50.
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Wednesday, April 15,2015

The long haul

Granger plan for transporting waste hurts the public good

by Terry Link
Recently Granger III & Associates, which run the Wood Street landfill, has requested Clinton County to amend the county’s solid waste plan. The proposed amendment would allow fGranger to collect and haul refuse from additional counties — Clare, Mecosta, Lenawee, and Hillsdale — even further away from their existing approved collection territory.
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