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Monday, March 31,2014

This week from Capital News Service

Improving employment prospects, expulsions in schools, dealing with heroin epidemic and more

by CNS correspondents
Monday, March 31 — Each week, City Pulse runs a series of stories produced by Capital News Service correspondents at Michigan State University’s School of Journalism. This week’s topics include lousy job prospects in Michigan; why suspending kids from school can lead to a life of crime; a new branding campaign to boost Michigan tourism; and more.
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Wednesday, March 26,2014

Do not erase

Why was a proposal for re-using Eastern High School wiped off the board?

by Lawrence Cosentino
A group of East Side residents and Eastern High School alumni want to know why the Lansing School Board hastily erased a proposal to keep the historic building alive as a limited-use specialty high school.
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Wednesday, March 26,2014

The losing side of love

After religion, little grounds left for opponents of same-sex marriage

by Andy Balaskovitz
On Saturday afternoon, Penny Gardner and her partner, Marilyn Bowen, went to a celebratory lunch with their newlywed friends Jody Valley and Elaine Thomason at Beggar’s Banquet in East Lansing. Earlier that day, Valley and Thomason were one of 57 same-sex couples to receive a marriage license from Ingham County Clerk Barb Byrum and one of at least 30 who got married.
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Wednesday, March 26,2014

A rigged game

Michigan’s open-records law is loophole ridden; new proposal would at least give the public a fighting chance

by Mickey Hirten
There is no better example of a rigged game than you or I trying to pry information from a reluctant government. If a public agency like the Department of Transportation in Delta Township wants to keep secrets — and at times it does — the state’s misnamed Freedom of Information Act is a powerful enabler.
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Wednesday, March 26,2014

Eyesore of the Week

by Katy Barth
Architecture critic Daniel E. Bollman says: In case passersby are uncertain of the function of this utilitarian building, the operators have thoughtfully stapled a cardboard “car wash” sign to a utility pole near the street.
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Wednesday, March 26,2014

Take the test (w/video)

Progress Michigan delivers urine-sample cups to Senate offices, asks those who voted for suspicion-based drug-testing of welfare recipients if they would do the same

by Katy Barth
Wednesday, March 26 — Progress Michigan delivered urine-sample cups to state senators today and asked if they would take a drug test. The cups were delivered to senators who voted for a proposed suspicion-based drug-testing program for certain recipients of state aid.
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Tuesday, March 25,2014

Marriage limbo

Elected officials, advocates petition Schuette to drop same-sex marriage appeal

by RJ Wolcott
Tuesday, March 25 — A group of marriage-equality advocates and elected officials today delivered 14,000 signatures and an album of wedding photos from Saturday urging Attorney General Bill Schuette to drop his appeal of a federal court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage in Michigan.
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Monday, March 24,2014

Kids in the Hall

Mayor Bernero proposes bolstering reserves with surplus in next year’s budget. ‘We have finally emerged from the financial devastation of the Great Recession.’

by Andy Balaskovitz
Monday, March 24 — For the first time in nine years, Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero has proposed a balanced budget to the Lansing City Council that anticipates a $500,000 surplus to bolster the city’s sagging reserves.
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Saturday, March 22,2014

A day of marriage

Ingham County clerk issued 57 marriage licenses to same-sex couples Saturday, but she won’t be able to issue any more until at least Wednesday

by Andy Balaskovitz
Saturday, March 22 — Ingham County Clerk Barb Byrum issued marriage licenses to 57 same-sex couples today, hours before a federal appeals court put a halt to her ability to do so.
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Friday, March 21,2014

City seeks to fill citizen board vacancies

May 1 deadline for the public to apply to vacancies on Lansing boards and commissions

by City Pulse Staff
Friday, March 21 — The city of Lansing is seeking citizens to fill vacancies on several boards and commissions. The application deadline for June appointments is May 1.
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