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Wednesday, January 29,2014

BWL Watch

Keeping an eye on Lansing’s publicly owned utility

by Andy Balaskovitz
This story was updated on Jan. 29 to include finalized dates and locations for the Community Review Team's public hearings. About that rate increase … In Monday’s Lansing State Journal, Lindsay VanHulle reports that while the BWL will be able to make its $20 million payment...
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Wednesday, January 29,2014

Political notes from around town

by Walt Sorg
Economist says Snyder’s call for balanced federal budget an ‘exceptionally bad idea’ Gov. Rick Snyder may have warmed the hearts of Republicans with his support of a federal balanced budget amendment in his State of the State message, but Michigan State University econ...
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Wednesday, January 29,2014

Eye candy of the week

by Daniel Bollman, AIA
Sitting back from South Washington Avenue and in the shadows of the Board of Water and Light’s new cogeneration power plant and headquarters, this building once served as a depot for the Grand Trunk Railroad.
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Wednesday, January 29,2014

Uncertainty in BWL’s management

BWL’s review team must grapple with the “people problem”

by Mickey Hirten
For the community review team investigating the Lansing Board of Water and Light’s botched response to the December ice storm, determining what went wrong is easy.
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Tuesday, January 28,2014

Guest column: Hold the congratulations for Congress

Former U.S. Rep. Lee Hamilton says federal omnibus budget bills and continuing resolutions do nothing for robust debate or transparency

by Lee H. Hamilton
Tuesday, Jan. 28 — Now that Congress has its immense, $1.1 trillion bipartisan funding bill in hand, Capitol Hill is breathing easier. They ended the specter of a government shutdown for the moment, and funded the federal budget for most of the year. The media has been commending Congress for finally doing its job.
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Monday, January 27,2014

Certified urban gardeners

Hunter Park GardenHouse offers certification program for those seeking experience in gardening for high-density neighborhoods

by Nicole Halvorsen
Monday, Jan. 27 — The Hunter Park Garden House on Lansing’s East Side is offering an Urban Gardener certification program next month for beginner to intermediate home-gardeners.
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Friday, January 24,2014

This week from Capital News Service

Spending budget surplus; bear hunting; insects and the cold; evaluating public-school teachers; and more

by CNS correspondents
Friday, Jan. 24 — Each week, City Pulse runs a series of stories produced by Capital News Service correspondents at Michigan State University’s School of Journalism. This week’s topics include ideas on how to spend the state’s budget surplus, opening bear-hunting season earlier, how insects are responding to the cold weather and more.
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Thursday, January 23,2014

Singh: BWL needs new communication leadership

“When I see the mayor of East Lansing Facebooking and Tweeting more on this issue than the Board of Water and Light, that’s a concern to me.”

by Andy Balaskovitz
Thursday, Jan. 23 — While he is “pleased to see changes underway” as the Board of Water and Light improves its contact with customers following last month’s ice storm, state Rep. Sam Singh said today the utility’s communication team needs new leadership.
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Thursday, January 23,2014

Outside review team plans next steps

Will juggle dealing with issues in public and in private

by Andy Balaskovitz
Thursday, Jan. 23 — It appears an independent panel reviewing the Board of Water and Light’s response to last month’s ice storm will play a balancing act for the next two months as it shares its work with the public but also shields sensitive information that may surface.
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Wednesday, January 22,2014

On stands today: Steppin’ Out

Steppin’ In It ends 13-year run of Monday nights at the Green Door

by City Pulse Staff
Wednesday, Jan. 22 — On Monday, Lansing-bred band Steppin’ In It said goodbye to its regular Monday night gig at the Green Door on Lansing’s East Side. It capped off a 13-year run that began shortly after group members finished college at Michigan State University.
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