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Monday, October 11,2010

With or without a PLA?

City Council scheduled to vote tonight on offering tax breaks to two Gillespie projects amid union controversy over one of them

by Andy Balaskovitz
Monday, Oct. 11 — The Lansing City Council is scheduled to vote tonight on tax incentives for the Marshall Street Armory redevelopment in the east side neighborhood. The question remains whether the resolution will include a project labor agreement, or PLA, that bargains for union contracts on the site’s construction.
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Thursday, October 7,2010

Finally, some downers

The opposite of energy drinks to hit area shelves

by Chris Galford
Thursday, Oct. 7 — Energy drinks are great when you’re on the go, but sometimes a person just needs to sleep. With Daylight Savings Time just around the corner, and the promise of long, cold winter nights ahead, a new relaxation drink may be the answer to all those elusive z’s.The greater Lansing area is one of the first markets where Sleepyhead — a sort of opposite to energy drinks — will be on local shelves within the next week.
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Wednesday, October 6,2010

Stealth health

Sparrow Hospital sneaks healthy food through the back door

by Lawrence Cosentino
On a recent Wednesday, shiny tomatoes and cheery flowers perked up a yellowish, institutional-looking hallway in the basement of Sparrow Hospital’s gigantic Lansing campus.Misha Keenan, an O.R. nurse, stumbled upon a strategically placed stand of locally grown fruits and veggies from Lansing’s Urbandale Farms on her way to the cafeteria.
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Wednesday, October 6,2010

To Hell and back

A Satanic hit man hunts supernatural prey in L.A. in 'Kill the Dead'

by Bill Castanier
You have to go back in time to understand author Richard Kadrey’s inspiration for his Sandman Slim series.
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Wednesday, October 6,2010

For Bernero, fat lady is tuning up

by Kyle Melinn
Democrats are trying to stop a landslide Republican year by focusing on the middle of the ticket.This will leave Bernero’s campaign like an astronaut cut off from the mother ship, floating aimlessly in space, watching and waiting for the inevitable.
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Wednesday, October 6,2010

Love and basketball

MSU police say they don’t make recommendations to prosecutors, while police interviews with the victim and a suspect are released in the MSU basketball player-sexual assault saga

by Neal McNamara
Last Wednesday, the Michigan Messenger news website reported that two MSU basketball players had been accused of sexual assault, and that Ingham County Prosecutor Stuart Dunnings III had not taken the MSU Police Department’s recommendation to bring the case to court.
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Wednesday, October 6,2010


by Readers
As a regular reader of City Pulse, who believes the paper provides a great service to the community with lots of information about entertainment, restaurants, and community events, I must say I am really disappointed by the free advertising space you are giving to a candidate in the upcoming election.
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Wednesday, October 6,2010

Eyesore of the week

1245 N. Larch Street, Lansing

by Amanda Harrell-Seyburn
Architecture critic Amanda Harrell-Seyburn says: Original Hot ‘n Now buildings are becoming an incredibly rare find. Although most have been torn down, a shuttered one located at the corner of Larch and Liberty streets seems to have escaped demolition, patiently waiting for someone to do something with it.
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Wednesday, October 6,2010

Virg Watch

Bernero got his debate — how will he use it Sunday and who will be watching?

by Andy Balaskovitz
Wednesday, Oct. 6 — Democrat Virg Bernero may have his last realistic chance this weekend when he debates Rick Snyder to turn things around in the governor’s race. But who will actually watch?
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Wednesday, October 6,2010

No love for small business?

(Lance Enderle is the Democratic candidate for Congress in the 8h District. City Pulse has donated this space and requested Enderle to report it as an in-kind contribution. The material is unedited.)

by Lance Enderle
Thank God we have a Democratic majority in Congress and the Senate. If it weren’t for Democrats, another initiative to put people back to work would have once again failed. Republicans including Mike Rogers must think voters are either lacking in intelligence, or have a short memory.
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