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Thursday, September 9,2010

Virg Watch

Snyder rejects Bernero’s proposal on small-business loans

by Andy Balaskovitz
Democratic gubernatorial candidate Virg Bernero reached out to his opponent’s campaign Tuesday, asking him to sign a petition supporting a proposed federal bill that would help small businesses get access to loans. Bernero’s opponent, Republican candidate Rick Snyder, didn’t bite.
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Wednesday, September 8,2010

Is a conservation governor in Michigan's future?

by Dave Dempsey
From an environmentalist’s point of view, the candidates for governor can’t be much better. The state’s League of Conservation Voters endorsed both Republican Rick Snyder and Democrat Virg Bernero.
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Wednesday, September 8,2010

Through a child’s eyes

Booker Prize nominee Emma Donoghue tells a tale of terror from a 5-year-old’s viewpoint

by Bill Castanier
Canadian author Emma Donoghue has written one of the more unusual books you will ever read. A combination of sheer horror and a mother and son’s love, the book is written in the voice of 5-year old Jack, who has never known a world outside a locked shed where an abductor has held his “Ma” for seven years.
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Wednesday, September 8,2010


Absentee landlords abound

by Readers
Note the assessment of $0 ("Eyesore of the Week," 9/1/2010). This is owned by "Gates of Zion", located at 11705 Schavey Rd, Dewitt. Considered a place of worship, it pays no taxes on the properties it owns. Lest you think they purchased this ramshackled property to refurbish, think again.
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Wednesday, September 8,2010

The Screening Room

'Winter's Bone' is an atmospheric chiller

by James Sanford
Near the start of “Winter’s Bone” (opening Friday At Celebration!Lansing), we hear “Farther Along,” that old Southern hymn that asks why hard-working, faithful people often struggle while the wicked and crooked prosper: “Often I wonder why I must...
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Wednesday, September 8,2010

Legacy of dumping

How the Lansing Board of Water and Light is making good on nearly 15 years of careless dumping of coalburning byproducts

by Andy Balaskovitz
Between 1964 and 1978, the Lansing Board of Water and Light heedlessly dumped about 450,000 cubic yards of coal ash into a large gravel-lined hole ' once a swimming site ' at the north end of Comfort Street in north Lansing. Such dumping by coal-burning utilities throughout the country was common at the time.
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Wednesday, September 8,2010

Politics and football

Rick Snyder finds glossy-eyed support at the Wolverines’ home opener

by Andy Balaskovitz
With a blue-and-white checked Polo shirt tucked into his blue jeans, Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Snyder greeted a mix of children, college students and adults as they made their way past his tailgate. I smiled as the visibly drunk people greeted Snyder:.
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Wednesday, September 8,2010

Enderle takes on Rogers

by Lance Enderle
Michigan can’t weather another term of poor leadership, and bad decisions we’ve come to expect from Mike Rogers. As Michigan’s 8th district Congressman, Mike Rogers has been working hard against the interests of the citizens he represents. This November, voters finally have a chance to tell Mike he needs to spend more time with his family.
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Friday, September 3,2010

Eyesore of the week

2212 W. Jolly Road, Lansing

by Amanda Harrell-Seyburn
Architecture critic Amanda Harrell-Seyburn says: Shuttered mid-block between Pleasant Grove Road and Richmond Street is one of Lansing’s most diminutive residences, 2212 W. Jolly Road. With a footprint of less than 500 square feet, this 1 1/2-story house takes advantage of every inch.
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Wednesday, September 1,2010

The ripening

Six months after a risky move, it’s harvest time at the Lansing City Market

by Lawrence Cosentino
But the plan to demolish the old market and build a smaller one next to the river as part of a larger development stirred doubts. Critics wondered whether the city wasn’t rolling the whole zucchini into the river, $50,000 annual subsidy and all, just to get rid of it.
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