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Wednesday, December 1,2010

A non-motorized plan

East Lansing is in the process of adopting a non-motorized transportation plan, en route to a ‘Complete Streets’ policy

by W. K. Green
East Lansing has close to 18 miles of primary road bike lanes, but the future may hold as many as 56 miles, according to a draft of the city’s Non-Motorized Transportation Plan.The plan outlines a number of potential projects the city can undertake to become more accessible to biking and other methods of transportation beyond automobiles.
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Tuesday, November 30,2010

Kids in the Hall

Not all Lansing City Council members on board with a medical marijuana moratorium

by Andy Balaskovitz
Tuesday, Nov. 30 — It sure took a long discussion to set a date for a discussion at Monday’s Lansing City Council meeting. That’s because Council Vice President Kathie Dunbar and Fourth Ward Councilwoman Jessica Yorko expressed their opposition to the proposed medical marijuana moratorium.
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Monday, November 29,2010

A hold on pot shops?

The Lansing City Council will introduce an ordinance tonight that places a moratorium on “medical marihuana establishments”

by Andy Balaskovitz
Monday, Nov. 29 — The Lansing City Council is scheduled to introduce an ordinance to place a moratorium on medical marijuana businesses at tonight’s meeting before a planned public hearing Dec. 6.
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Wednesday, November 24,2010

Deco after dark

Ottawa Power Station tries on its new evening gown

by Lawrence Cosentino
Pointing and gaping at the emerging charms of the Ottawa Power Station, now nearing the end of its renovation into the world headquarters of the Accident Fund Insurance Co. of America, has been a favorite exercise in downtown Lansing for the past two years.
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Wednesday, November 24,2010

Introducing ... Mark King

by City Pulse Staff
City Pulse welcomes marketing and sales executive Mark King as its newest advertising consultant. King brings more than 10 years of marketing and sales experience from the areas of diversity, sales event planning and brand management integration.
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Wednesday, November 24,2010

Still a lot to do for Legislature

by Kyle Melinn
How can the Mike Bishop-led state Senate and the Andy Dillon-led state House seriously close up shop a month early on the claim that there’s nothing left to be done?If you had nothing on your list to start, it’s quite easy to finish it.
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Wednesday, November 24,2010


As BWL sees it

by Readers
The Nov. 17 City Pulse article, “Hold back the ash”, left out some significant details about the Lansing Board of Water & Light’s land remediation project in North Lansing.
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Wednesday, November 24,2010

Eye candy! of the week

5814 S. Pennsylvania Ave., Lansing

by Amanda Harrell-Seyburn
Are you familiar with 5814 S. Pennsylvania Ave.? As a kind of typical, nondescript large south Lansing retail space, you might remember it as the building that housed the former Ollie Fretter Home Appliance Store. It still looks pretty much the same these days ' or does it? Let’s take a closer look.
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Wednesday, November 24,2010

10th floor discontent

Two Lansing City Council employees look to join a union amid what the mayor calls a ‘longstanding pattern of problems’

by Andy Balaskovitz
Two Lansing City Council employees have filed requests for representation through the Teamsters Local 580 union.One employee said she wants job security after speaking out against a temporary contract for a retired coworker who worked for the city for 23 years. She said she has received “some flak” from some City Council members who thought she should have kept mum about the contract.
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Sunday, November 21,2010

Love! Cannabis! Compassion!

Inside Lansing's newest medical marijuana compassionate care club

by Jane Alexander
(Friday, June 11) The building at 2010 E Michigan Avenue that houses the medical marijuana Capital City Compassionate Caregivers Club isn’t fancy. Volunteers have painted the fašade  white with green trim, and an old sign for the United Nations Association has been taken down. I...
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