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Wednesday, September 29,2010

GOP blueprint

by Lance Enderle
With burners on high, the election season is heating up and Republicans are cranking out rhetoric of winning a majority in Congress this November.
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Monday, September 27,2010

Snow and church

The Lansing City Council votes tonight on the snow and ice removal ordinance and granting a special land use permit to a mega church

by Andy Balaskovitz
Monday, Sept. 27 — After nearly two years, the proposed snow and ice removal ordinance, which grants the city permission to clear snow from sidewalks if residents fail to do so (and charges them), is up for a vote at tonight’s Lansing City Council meeting.
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Friday, September 24,2010

An east side ‘fixture’ passes

Stephen Jahner, owner of Capital City Collectibles for 30 years, has died. He was 55.

by City Pulse Staff
Friday, Sept. 24 — Some knew him as the “Mad Hatter” for his top hats, tailed coats and ruffled renaissance shirts. Others knew him as a man who bled green and white for his devout loyalty to MSU. Most knew him as the owner of Capital City Collectibles, a small east side memorabilia shop stacked floor to ceiling with vintage games, comics, action figures, books and movies.
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Thursday, September 23,2010

Climate change and the Great Lakes

MSU faculty behind a five-year, $4.2 million federal grant to make Great Lakes climate change research more succinct, useful

by Andy Balaskovitz
Thursday, Sept. 23 — Climate change research done on the Great Lakes region is a hodgepodge and in most cases not very useful for policymakers. Researchers from Michigan State University, the University of Michigan and Ohio State University seek to change that, thanks to a $4.2 million grant from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
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Wednesday, September 22,2010

Transgender turn into GOP’s newest political football

by Kyle Melinn
Michigan’s top issue is male-to-female transgender individuals using women restrooms. It’s certainly not the other way around. I mean if female-to-male transgender individuals (or anyone else for that matter) actually want to brave the dirty guy’s john, go for it.
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Wednesday, September 22,2010

Shaking the shakes

A new detoxification center to open with hopes of reducing burden on police, paramedics

by Gretchen Cochran
A new place will open in Lansing soon where area police and paramedics can take drunken people to get sober. Wedged between Domino’s Pizza and a big red house at 810 W. Saginaw St., the 11-bed clinic will be welcomed as much for what it does as for what it doesn’t do.
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Wednesday, September 22,2010


Too little too late, Mr. Rogers

by Readers
Lance Enderle is willing to do the hard work to help Michigan residents get back on their feet. He isn’t afraid to answer tough questions. He’s willing to stand up to special interests (he won’t take money from PACs or lobbyists).I want a real representative in Washington, so I’m voting for Lance on November 2nd.
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Wednesday, September 22,2010


Capital Area District Library

by Amanda Harrell-Seyburn
Property: Capital Area District Library (Downtown), Lansing Every community has a library, the lucky ones have several, but how often do we really take the time to appreciate the buildings? Lansing is blessed with a library that is an architectural landmark designed by local modernist architect Kenneth C.
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Wednesday, September 22,2010

Hard rain

Suspicions arise that the Grand River took on coal ash in addition to sewage and storm water after Thursday’s rain

by Andy Balaskovitz
The Lansing Board of Water and Light is midway through moving 450,000 cubic yards of toxic legacy coal ash ' the byproduct of burning coal that contains arsenic, mercury and boron ' from its property north of Comfort Street to a safer storage facility.
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Wednesday, September 22,2010

Bueller ... Bueller

Fourth Ward Councilwoman Jessica Yorko’s committee attendance in sharp contrast with her colleagues’

by Andy Balaskovitz
At a Sept. 13 City Council meeting, regular attendee John Pollard presented a Freedom of Information Act request he filed with the city asking for all Council members’ attendance records at committee meetings. He rattled off all eight members’ attendance records since Jan.
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