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Wednesday, October 20,2010

What makes a great teacher?

Just follow around two local middle school teachers, who exemplify standards set forth by national education associations

by Gretchen Cochran
So it was heartening to catch an invigorated teacher, Linda Mondel, 47, telling Lansing Sunrise Rotarians about her Fulbright scholarship to India. The Lansing School District teacher was vibrant, dynamic and imbued with enthusiasm.
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Wednesday, October 20,2010


The city has lost its pulse

by Readers
Since the Snyder piece was published, Melinn has continued with hit pieces against democrats. In today’s issue, he tries to paint Justice Robert Young Jr. as a victim. The City Pulse should be informing voters about Young’s abysmal record: constantly ruling for the powerful against the powerless, rule-of-law be damned.
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Wednesday, October 20,2010

Eye candy! of the week

by Amanda Harrell-Seyburn
Few, very few, Americans live in architectdesigned homes. In fact, architects design less than 2 percent of American homes. You can understand why Addiann Hinds could hardly believe her luck when presented with the opportunity to buy an architect-designed home overlooking the Red Cedar River near Potter Park.
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Wednesday, October 20,2010

A fair wage, please

One union leader gives his side on the Market Place project: ‘We’ve started to talk past each other as far as developing our city’

by Andy Balaskovitz
“It’s important to have individuals work and get paid a fair wage. We have to make sure labor is valued,” said Davis, who is a representative with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. “That shouldn’t stop with the person who has the ability to finance the project.
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Wednesday, October 20,2010

Virg Watch

The youth vote: Bernero’s last ace in the hole?

by Andy Balaskovitz
Wednesday, Oct. 20 — One Democratic political consultant says there is still one "under-the-radar" way gubernatorial candidate Virg Bernero can make a run at his Republican opponent Rick Snyder in the next 13 days.
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Tuesday, October 19,2010

Kids in the Hall

Was it illegal for the City Council to block tax incentives for Pat Gillespie’s Market Place project?

by Andy Balaskovitz
Tuesday, Oct. 19 — Developer Pat Gillespie is exploring the option of suing the city over the City Council’s decision last week to block tax incentives for his $23 million Market Place project downtown.
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Monday, October 18,2010

Knapp's is back

Lansing residents to have their say on tax incentives for Knapp’s building; a second shot at federal dollars for developers

by Andy Balaskovitz
Monday, Oct. 18 — After receiving “very positive” feedback from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD, city officials are bringing back a tax incentive plan that would spark development in the Knapp’s building downtown.
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Sunday, October 17,2010

Rogers and voting

(Lance Enderle is the Democratic candidate for Congress in the 8th District. This column is unedited.)

by Lance Enderle
Recently, a surge of people have been defending Mike Rogers’ voting record. They’ve also attacked me for shedding a very bright light on his indefensible voting decisions. Lets take a hard look at the record and decide for ourselves.
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Friday, October 15,2010

Gillespie Developments

Chamber of Commerce taking aim at Council members who opposed tax incentives

by Andy Balaskovitz
Thursday, Oct. 14 — The Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce is already plotting how to unseat three City Council members who voted against tax breaks for developer Pat Gillespie’s Market Place and the Marshall Street Armory.
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Wednesday, October 13,2010

Myth buster cracks chairman’s tall tale

by Kyle Melinn
In 2008, Michigan Democratic Party Chairman Mark Brewer managed to find a couple of women who had a remarkable story. Their attorney, Geoffrey Fieger, was arguing their case before the Michigan Supreme Court and incumbent Supreme Court Justice Cliff Taylor fell asleep on the bench.
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