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Thursday, August 20,2015

City Attorney won’t face subpoena

McIntyre meets with councilmembers, avoids subpoena

by Todd Heywood
THURSDAY, AUG. 20 — The Lansing City Attorney will not face a subpoena request from the City Council’s Committee on Ways and Means. After a sometimes contentious and vocal meeting at city hall yesterday, Judi Brown Clarke, a city councilmember at large and chair of the committee, said she felt the situation with Janene McIntyre, the city attorney, had been resolved.
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Wednesday, August 19,2015

Vitale force

Preservation Lansing kicks off 2015 awards under new president

by Lawrence Cosentino
    After restoring a dilapidated 1898 house to its original glory, Joe Vitale knows all about to-do lists. He´s got a big one as the new president of Preservation Lansing, a grassroots group of enthusiasts and experts that gives awards to historic preservation projects ...
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Wednesday, August 19,2015

The cheap issue

by City Pulse
The last man on earth (with a flip phone) By Ty Forquer Smartphones are everywhere. From children barely old enough to eat solid food to elderly folks too old to eat solid food, it seems like everyone is packing a tiny touchscreen computer these days. And we are willing to shel...
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Wednesday, August 19,2015

New in town

by Allan I. Ross
All the attention is on downtown Lansing this week, with the new “urban bakery” Glazed and Confused selling out of its pastries in mere minutes and Domino’s Pizza Theater firing up its ovens in the shadow of the Knapp’s Centre. But Metro Lansing’s two other ho...
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Wednesday, August 19,2015

Eye candy of the week

by Daniel Bollman, AIA
Property: 533 S. Grand Ave., Lansing This building, which marks the west entrance to the Cherry Hill Historic District, is associated with two historically significant individuals. The first, Alvin Whitehead, was a local merchant who constructed this elaborate yellow brick home in 1877....
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Wednesday, August 19,2015

Up close and personal

American Community Survey may be intrusive, but it's necessary

by Mickey Hirten
The letter arrived at our home a few weeks ago from the United States Department of Commerce. My family had been chosen, actually required by federal law, to complete the American Community Survey. At least it wasn't from the IRS. About 3.5 million Americans get similar notices each ...
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Wednesday, August 19,2015

The 'stroll' goes on

Federal indictment renews attention to Kzoo hustlers

by Todd A. Heywood
    Theresa Moore has lived near one of the Lansing’s busiest sex–for-sale corridors, a stretch of Kalamazoo Street, for 17 years. While she is wary of the women who work the stroll — they are “obviously strung out on something” — she is ...
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Wednesday, August 19,2015

High-rise uproar

MSU’s mixed-use project alters Flower Pot Neighborhood

by Brooke Kansier
    Bullied. That’s how many residents of East Lansing’s Flower Pot neighborhood feel as Michigan State University begins development of the former State Police headquarters that sits in their backyards. That’s because the university won’t budge...
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Tuesday, August 18,2015

Updated: ‘Trivial,’ decries Bernero

Council, city attorney at odds over info on health care, billing

by Todd Heywood
MONDAY, Aug. 17 — The Lansing City Council Committee on Ways and Means is considering a subpoena of the city attorney, Janene McIntyre, if she doesn’t show up for a meeting Wednesday, Chairman Judy Brown Clarke said today.
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Wednesday, August 12,2015

Going after Gilbert

GOP quick to attack actress´ bid to unseat Bishop

  Eric Schertzing takes it as a good sign that Republicans quickly attacked actress Melissa Gilbert when she announced her candidacy for the 8th Congressional District seat. It means that they view her as a serious candidate, said Schertzing, the Ingham County treasurer who ran ...
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