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Wednesday, July 16,2014

In Michigan, why not torture?

Supreme Court, A.G., embrace cruel and unusual punishment

by Mickey Hirten
Last week I wrote about Michiganīs shortsighted fiscal policies, its unwillingness to fund education, environment, roads, communities, etc. — investments that produce good jobs and real growth.
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Monday, July 14,2014

Take some off the top, please

LSJ shrinks as it moves to new press

by City Pulse Staff
MONDAY, July 14 — The Lansing State Journal marked its move to a new press today by giving readers a smaller paper.
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Thursday, July 10,2014

No print, no purchase

Video calls for boycott of the Lansing State Journal following Delta plant closure

WEDNESDAY, July 9 — As the Lansing State Journal prepares to print its last few issues at its Delta Township production facility, a video has surfaced online calling for a boycott of the daily newspaper.
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Wednesday, July 9,2014

Eyesore of the week

Over the years of publishing “Eye Sore of the Week,’’ we’ve received a few complaints from owners, usually in the category of sour grapes. Most just ignore us.

A handful fix up their places, which are reborn in “Eye Candy of the Week.” The Eye Sore on June 18 was different: a burnedout house at 1508 E. Kalamazoo St. in Lansing. We, myself included since I proofread the page the story was on, should have handled it differently and will in the future.
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Wednesday, July 9,2014

Welcome back, Crego

Crego Park reopens after contamination closed it for over 25 years

by Andy Balaskovitz
A new tentacle branching off the Lansing River Trail near Aurelius Road leads travelers into Lansing’s largest park — and one recently reopened after being closed for decades due to contamination.
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Wednesday, July 9,2014

Gender gap

Program aims to turn curious girls into women with tech careers

When Laura Dillon began studying mathematics in 1969, as one of the only women in her program of study, she felt like “an oddity.” “We’re the exception as opposed to the rule,” she said.
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Wednesday, July 9,2014

Pure decline

Michigan heads in the wrong direction

by Mickey Hirten
Itīs easy here in Lansing to look at Detroitīs decline in isolation: big city problems, terrible schools, crumbling infrastructure, ragged parks, degraded public services.
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Monday, July 7,2014

Waiting or buying?

Police crack down on

by Todd A. Heywood
Michael Hays was doing what thousands of CATA bus riders do every day: waiting for a bus to return home. The next bus would arrive in about 20 minutes, so the community actor decided to have a cigarette.
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Thursday, July 3,2014

Streamlining the process

Procedural changes to medical marijuana considered

FRIDAY, July 3 — Applying for medical marijuana in Michigan could soon become a little simpler.
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Wednesday, July 2,2014

Young and uninsured

Extending health coverage to the hardest-to-reach demographic

Niklous Koehler, 25, equates buying his own health coverage with a major life step. “I’m prepared because it’s something that I have to do, but at the same time, it’s the last step to adulthood,” he said. “It’s always been in the back of my mind.”
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