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Wednesday, April 8,2015

Blind justice

District Court seeks cameras for City Hall

by Todd A. Heywood
When Anethia Brewer, court administrator for 54-A District Court, walks through the court facilities in Lansing City Hall, she is aware of the security lapses.
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Wednesday, April 8,2015

‘Free the weed’

Lansing’s mayor joins Tommy Chong and others at Ann Arbor’s Hash Bash

by Steve Green
Itīs the first Saturday in April, Hash Bash in Ann Arbor, and at the University of Michigan the crowd is primed, lighting up in public without fear or harassment or arrest. The odor of burning pot accompanied by promarijuana signs, young and old wearing marijuana themed shirts. This year’s Hash Bash included the traditional “smoke-in” protest and an extralong list of speakers, among them Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero. He was joined by poet/activist John Sinclair, whose arrest 44 years ago for possessing two joints initiated Hash Bash activism, and by stonercomic Tommy Chong, Michigan Rep. Jeff Irwin of Ann Arbor and others.
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Friday, April 3,2015

Lansing report

New, improved robot fish designed for Great Lakes

by Capital News Service
LANSING — New and improved robot fish will soon track live fish and toxic algae blooms in the Great Lakes. This next-generation fish, going on its second year of development, is the third model built by Xiaobo Tan, an associate professor of electrical and computer engineering at Michigan State University, and his research team.
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Wednesday, April 1,2015

Containing the containers

Dart hustles to recycle itself after New York City bans plastic foam

by Lawrence Cosentino
Tour the Mason headquarters of Dart Container Co., the worldīs largest maker of foam cups and take-out food containers, and youīd think the corporate cup runneth over. The glassy 110,000-square-foot administration building that opened last fall still smells of new carpet and wood. It houses Dartīs offices, engineering and IT departments, a fitness center and dining complex. Nearby, a new half-millionsquare-foot warehouse is almost finished. Renovations and additions are going on everywhere you look.
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Wednesday, April 1,2015

Beacon of sunlight

Why BWL’s solar energy project is a big deal for Michigan

by Andy Balaskovitz
The Lansing Board of Water & Light is poised to be a statewide leader as Michigan starts a new chapter of renewable-energy development. When a utility official confirmed last month that the BWL has chosen a developer to build a 20-megawatt solar energy project in its service territory, it announced what would easily be the largest solar project in Michigan. But experts say the project also signals a new phase for the fledgling solar industry here, which till now has been perceived as too expensive to develop on a utility scale.
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Wednesday, April 1,2015

Eye candy of the week

by Daniel Bollman, AIA
Property: Broad Museum of Art East Lansing This imposing edifice is sited at the eastern approach to Michigan State University’s campus, where it provides a simple welcome in familiar architectural forms, supplemented with a modern twist. Although only a few years have passed sin...
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Wednesday, April 1,2015

Knapp’s awakening

After a slow start, the Knapp’s Centre is filling up, LSJ a likely addition

by Mickey Hirten
The Knappīs Centre in downtown Lansing is beginning to fill with tenants. The Eyde Co., which owns the building, has relocated its offices there. Technology services firm Dewpoint has already expanded once and plans to take more space. The Lansing State Journal is negotiating to relocate on the third floor. And 75 percent of the upper-level apartments are leased.
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Wednesday, April 1,2015

Courthouse confrontation

Deportation enforcement action skirts policy; city considers establishing īsafe zonesī

by Todd A. Heywood
It’s easy pickings for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers who troll the country for undocumented immigrants. Check public records, identify a target, then wait at a courthouse to snag their prey. It happened two months ago in Lansing when, without notifying Lansing police or court officials, ICE agents showed up at Lansing’s 54-A District Court on the sixth floor of City Hall to arrest Argimiro Hernandez-Garcia, stoking fears among judges and activists that so-called halls of justice were becoming becoming entrapment sites.
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Wednesday, April 1,2015

Raise questions raised

Council members pledge to donate their increase to charities

by Todd A. Heywood
Kathy Tobe considered herself a strong supporter of Third Ward Council Member A’Lynne Boles.That’s until Boles cast the deciding vote to boost pay for Council members, the mayor and city clerk by 20 percent. “I’m really disappointed in her,” Tobe said in a phone interview. “I will be looking at other options for Third Ward now, I guess.”
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Wednesday, March 25,2015

Transportation and transition

Transgender questions lead to CATA policy change

Diane was returning from window shopping at the Meridian Mall on Feb. 27. As she settled into her seat on the CATA bus to downtown Lansing, she realized in horror the unthinkable had happened. “I looked down and it looked like one of my breasts was gone,” the 52-year-old said in a phone interview. “I was scared and I was panicked.”
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