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Friday, March 21,2014

BREAKING: Officials responding to mercury spill

A November mercury spill at the East Lansing wastewater treatment plant went unreported for roughly four months. EL, county officials finishing clean up.

by Andy Balaskovitz
Friday, March 21 — The Ingham County Health Department is in the process of clearing a mercury spill at the East Lansing wastewater treatment plant that occurred in November and should have been reported to authorities.
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Thursday, March 20,2014

Keep calm and March on

The city of East Lansing gives tips on how to NOT riot, reminds potential gatherers: ‘No one is anonymous anymore’

by Kyle Koehler
Thursday, March 20 — There must be a big sporting event going on involving Michigan State University. In preparation of March Madness, the epitome of college basketball competition, the city of East Lansing warns residents and visitors to be calm and conscious of their actions.
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Wednesday, March 19,2014

Red Cedar growing

Red Cedar Renaissance project could surpass $200M, still no final sale price negotiated for former golf course land

by Andy Balaskovitz
The Red Cedar Renaissance project on Lansing’s East Side just keeps getting bigger and denser. Developers and economic development officials say it could surpass $200 million in private investment — $75 million more than what has been planned thus far.
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Wednesday, March 19,2014

Council is open to ballpark plan

Lansing City Council president going to “fight the fight” in support of new ballpark plans; other members seeking more financial information and answers for eliminating green space in ballpark

by Andy Balaskovitz
Lansing City Council President A’Lynne Boles is ready to “fight the fight” alongside the Bernero administration to sell the Council on a roughly $22 million, public/private redevelopment plan for Cooley Law School Stadium.
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Wednesday, March 19,2014

Zeineh wins one against city

East Side attorney and property owner Edwar Zeineh wins judgment against city, prepares for appeal

by Andy Balaskovitz
District Judge Hugh Clarke Jr. has ordered Lansing to pay East Side property owner Edwar Zeineh $7,200 in attorney fees after the city wrongfully towed two vehicles from Zeineh’s property that blocked passage through an alley on the 2000 block of Michigan Avenue.
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Wednesday, March 19,2014

Eyecandy of the week

by Daniel Bollman, AIA
Property: Harold A. Childs House, 343 M.A.C Ave., East Lansing Owner: Kathleen Terry and Jamie Lidstrom Assessed value: $78,100 This house is located in a transition area between East Lansing’s commercial and residential zones. Appropriately, the building’s history recal...
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Wednesday, March 19,2014

Wrong side of history

Jim Crow reasoning, politics guide Schuette in same-sex marriage case

by Mickey Hirten
History won’t look kindly on people like Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette who fight so passionately to withhold from our friends and neighbors their rightful, fundamental civil rights.
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Wednesday, March 19,2014

Op-ed: Rethinking the HIV epidemic

Stop treating HIV like the disease we knew in the early days of the epidemic and face facts

by Todd A. Heywood
We can stop the HIV epidemic — but will we? The time has come to admit three simple facts in the battle against HIV:
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Tuesday, March 18,2014

Sunshine Week op-ed: Historical look at openness

Opportunity to urge public officials to make government more transparent, accountable

by Jane Briggs-Bunting
Tuesday, March 18 — Welcome to Michigan's Freedom of Information Week. It's a great week to let folks know about how accountable and responsible their governments are at the state, county and local level.
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Monday, March 17,2014

Sunshine Week Op-ed: Support pending legislation for transparency

Access to information should be a common goal for better government, better lives

by Charles Hill
Monday, March 17 — If you’ve been watching what goes on in Washington and some statehouses across the country, you might wonder if there’s any issue that everyone should be able to agree on whether they are conservative or liberal or libertarian, Democrat or Republican, pro-this or anti-that.
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