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Wednesday, March 13,2013

Lean and green

Ingham County joins new program that helps businesses finance energy efficiency projects

by Andrea Raby
Monday, Nov. 19 — Ingham County became the first countywide government in the state last week to join a program that helps businesses become more energy efficient.
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Wednesday, March 13,2013

Food fight for food bank

Food donation competition starts Tuesday in downtown Lansing for Greater Lansing Food Bank

by Hélène Dryden
Monday, Nov. 26 — The season of competitive giving is upon us: on Tuesday a five-hour food and money collection drive in downtown Lansing will benefit the Greater Lansing Food Bank.
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Wednesday, March 13,2013

Legalizing same-sex marriage: Good for health

Right to walk down the aisle may lead to better health for LGBT community, MSU researcher says

by Marisol Dorantes
Wednesday, March 13 — Legalizing “I do’s” for everyone may be the difference between good and bad health. New research from Michigan State University uncovers the noticeable differences between the health of a cohabitating same-sex couple and their heterosexual counterparts who are married.
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Wednesday, March 13,2013

In solidarity

MSU Indian Students Organization holds candlelight vigil for woman fatally raped and assaulted

by Dylan Sowle
Monday, Jan. 14 — The Michigan State University Indian Students Organization held a candlelight vigil Friday night in honor of an Indian woman who was gang raped and killed in New Delhi last month.
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Wednesday, March 13,2013

Buried Cases: Lansing Police Department's lack of Cold Case organization

by Rich Tupica and Steve Miller
In the summer of 1970, Laurie Murninghan — the 16-year-old daughter of former Lansing Mayor Max Murninghan — was kidnapped following a botched jewelry store heist at Gallagher’s Gifts and Antiques on the city’s west side.
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Monday, March 11,2013

Kids in the Hall

City Council holds public hearing on Niowave tax abatement

by Andy Balaskovitz
Monday, March 11 — Local residents either outright opposed to a personal property tax abatement for Niowave, or against it until the company fixes the façade of a 14,000-square-foot pole barn/research facility, far outnumbered those in support at tonight’s Lansing City Council meeting.
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Monday, March 11,2013

Sunshine Week

A week dedicated to government transparency launches with announcement of new Michigan group

by Sam Inglot
Monday, March 11 — The Lansing City Council’s recent closed session meetings to discuss a confidential legal opinion about a Council member’s broken computer is a perfect example of why we need Sunshine Week.
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Monday, March 11,2013

Op-ed: ‘Open government is good government’

Michigan Coalition for Open Government helps launch Sunshine Week

by Meegan Holland
Monday, March 11 — Michigan needs more open government. The state received a failing grade from The Center for Public Integrity — 44th out of 50 states, to be exact. We were graded on such qualities as public access to information (D), ethics enforcement agencies (F); judicial, executive and legislative accountability (all F) and political financing/lobbying disclosure (both F).
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Friday, March 8,2013

Downtown Lansing: A Michigan Main Street community

Lansing becomes first city in Michigan with multiple districts in the program

by Sam Inglot
Friday, March 8 — With downtown Lansing’s recent designation as a Michigan Main Street community, Downtown Lansing Inc. will have access to roughly $250,000 worth of technical assistance from the state to continue improving the area.
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Wednesday, March 6,2013

Cristo Rey merger on hold

Diocese meets with citizens' group; spokesman says 'all options are on table’'

by Lawrence Cosentino
After meeting with a group of citizens worried about the fate of North Lansing's Cristo Rey Community Center, the Catholic Diocese of Lansing has backed off its plan to merge the center with St. Vincent Catholic Charities.
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