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Wednesday, July 29,2015

Raw deal

How the deck is stacked against wrongfully convicted people in Michigan

by Lawrence Cosentino
Donya Davis served seven years of a 22- year prison sentence after a sexual assault victim identified him in a lineup. Post-conviction DNA testing tied the crime to another man. The 36-year-old Detroit man was released in summer 2014. What do you say to him now? Congratulations?
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Wednesday, July 29,2015


by City Pulse
At-large Which City Council hopeful wonīt make the first cut? One of the five at-large Lansing City Council candidates will be knocked out by the Primary Election vote, putting the political futures of 70-year-old City Hall “regular” Mary Ann Prince and one-time City...
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Wednesday, July 29,2015

DeWeese illegally diverted drugs, FBI claims; license suspended

by Todd A. Heywood
In a sweeping affidavit filed in federal court, the FBI alleges that said Dr. Paul DeWeese, a former Republican state lawmaker from Mid-Michigan, illegally diverted prescription drugs — like Norco, Xanax, and Ritalin — to the street.
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Wednesday, July 22,2015

Leverage and Recreation

How the Lansing parks millage stretches green into more green

by Lawrence Cosentino
In the early 1800s, vast flocks of now-extinct passenger pigeons took days to go by. Once upon a time (meaning the 1960s and ‘70s), the fulltime Lansing parks staff topped 100, including three landscape engineers, according to former Lansing City Councilman Jim Blair. "It took...
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Wednesday, July 22,2015

Comeback trail?

Leeman sees hope In 8th run in 8 yea

by Kyle Melinn
   To clear up any confusion, Harold Leeman Jr. jotted down on a folded-up piece of blue paper all the times heīs appeared on a ballot since his maiden defeat to Patrick Lindemann in a 1987 First Ward race. When it comes to experience on a local ballot, nobody has more of ...
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Wednesday, July 22,2015

Stay loose on BWL

The sale question is premature

    The war over whether to sell the Lansing Board of Water & Light has already claimed its first victim. Commissioner Anthony McCloud’s reappointment stalled before the City Council and ultimately was withdrawn in frustration by Mayor Virg Bernero. The adminis...
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Wednesday, July 22,2015

Pot drives

Diverse initiatives share same goal: Legalization

by Andy Balaskovitz
The race to legalize recreational marijuana in Michigan is on. Two groups attempting to put the question before voters in 2016 share the same goal of ending pot prohibition, but their regulatory models and political experience contrast significantly upon closer review. The Michiga...
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Wednesday, July 22,2015

Eyesore of the week

Property: 1307 E. Grand River Ave. East Lansing

by Daniel Bollman, AIA
Author and celebrity chef Alton Brown often discusses the pointlessness of collecting kitchen utensils that are limited to one function. While he admits that a fire extinguisher is a notable exception, Brown’s point is that tools suited to a single use are difficult to justify, part...
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Wednesday, July 22,2015

Slanted survey

Union poll on BWL a scare tactic

by Mickey Hirten
At some point, when Lansing looks at the costs and benefits of selling the Board of Water & Light, it will need a survey assessing peopleīs feelings. But the poll released last week by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers isnīt it. Rather, it was a political warnin...
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Thursday, July 16,2015

Access granted

Donation helps expand local math tutoring program

by Asha Johnson
THURSDAY, JULY 16 — Lansing-area students are about to get a little help with their math homework. The Grainger Foundation has donated $5,000 to the Information Technology Empowerment Center (ITEC) to support its iMath after-school tutoring program. The foundation is the philanthropic arm of W.W. Grainger Inc., an Illinois-based industrial supply company that has operated a branch in Lansing for over 40 years.
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