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Friday, April 12,2013

'Shut up already'

Dems offer a t-shirt to counter Agema’s comments

by City Pulse Staff

Friday, April 10 — The state Democratic Party has found a way to capitalize on former state Rep. Dave Agema’s anti-gay attacks: It is selling pro marriage equality t-shirts.

“Yesterday, Republican Party RNC Committeeman Dave Agema continued his hateful anti-gay diatribes by comparing LGBT families to alcoholics,” a press release from the Michigan State Central Democratic Committee said today.

“Gov. Snyder and Republican leaders continue to stand by and support Agema. How can we combat this intolerance and lack of leadership?

“By showing our support publically! Get your Michigan marriage equality t-shirt today.”

The shirts are selling for $30 here.

Meanwhile, John Truscott, a Lansing public relations executive who served as press secretary to Gov. John Engler, has joined other Republicans in calling on Agema to resign from the Republican National Committee, according to MLive.com

“Just shut up already,” Truscott said his advice would be to Agema, MLive.com also reported today.


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