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Wednesday, March 13,2013

Be in 'Idiot'

Green Day musical looking for local artists

by City Pulse Staff
Courtesy photo

Wednesday, Feb. 20 — “Green Day’s American Idiot,” the critically acclaimed punk rock musical based on the band’s 2004 conceptual album, comes to Wharton Center April 9 for a three-day run. Wharton Center is calling out to Lansing-area artists and graphic designers to submit artwork for the set.

The guidelines are simple — drawing inspiration from the band’s music, the art piece should be creative and original, and should evoke the spirit of the musical, which deals with rage, love, and rock ‘n’ roll.

The contest limits one entry per person in the form of an 8-inch by 10-inch poster design in PDF format. The winner will be announced March 18. The winning artist will receive two tickets to the show and a tour of the set to view their work on the big stage.

Send all artwork to whartoncenter@gmail.com with subject title “American Idiot Set Contest Submission.” Include your name, phone number and the PDF file. Entries will be accepted through midnight March 3.


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