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Wednesday, March 13,2013

Friday Fashion Pulse

His for hers

by Marisol Dorantes

Friday, Jan. 18 — Advertisements for clothing that’s perfectly tailored for specific body types are everywhere, but what happens when this fashion norm gets turned on its head? Crystal Gause, a James Madison student at Michigan State University, exemplifies the ease and beauty that can come from delving into the men’s section of a store.

“I don’t know why but I just love the way men’s shirts fit,” she said Gause.

Looking at her outfit was a sensory overload — no idea where to look first, but in the best possible way. Gause, who’s from Muskegon, took me through the steps of achieving her gender-mixed look, with the most noteworthy element being its price: $56.

At $20, the booties with fabric anklet trim were the most expensive piece; the men’s shirt was $13; the black leggings were $8; and the pi'ce de resistance — the coral pea coat — was also just $8. Gause purchased all of these items at local thrift stores.

“You can never go wrong at Goodwill,” she said.

Peeking out under her coat was the lone non-thrift store piece of her outfit, a gray men’s cardigan (Aeropostale, $15) that she borrowed from her friend, Demasi Washington, a fellow James Madison student from Detroit.

Even if thrift store shopping is not your fort', this look can be achieved for a reasonable price at stores like Forever 21'and Express.

And don’t be afraid to get acquainted to the opposite side of the store.


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