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Wednesday, November 28,2012

Eye candy of the week

by Amanda Harrell-Seyburn

Property: East Lansing Public Library, 950 Abbot Road, East Lansing

Owner: East Lansing Public Library

Assessed value: $0

Imagine designing a public library for a college town in the early 1960s. Fifty-two years later, the building is still in full use and the library staff cites a handheld piece of technology as an essential tool in maintaining the library’s — and the building’s — relevance: the iPad.

At the cutting edge of design in the mid-century, the visionaries at local architecture firm Mason, Jackson and Kane would be thrilled to see today’s technology advance the aging building. 

Gone are the large kiosks for computers that obstructed the open floor plan during the last several decades. With more seating and sightlines improved, the library is closer to the unobstructed plan originally intended by the architects. 

Jill Abood, head of library services, says that as public libraries are radically changing due to the Internet and e-books, the East Lansing library is embracing the same technology to have a more hands-on approach to service. iPads allow reference librarians to interact with library users at a higher level than was possible before: librarians can seek out people in the stacks and offer immediate assistance. 

iPads and a mid-century modern library in the 21st century — it just makes sense.

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