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Wednesday, January 18,2012

Pretty Vacant

Mystery sells tickets for Vacant Lansing event

by City Pulse Staff
"Expect Nothing" promises the website for Vacant Lansing (www.vacantlansing.com). But there must be something going on.

The $20 general admission tickets to the Feb. 29 "Inaugural VACANT Experience" are already sold out; you can pay $150 for "two entry tickets; VIP seating; framed, limited-edition silk-screened poster, and other enticing VIP loot."

What you´re getting for your money is anyone´s guess. Vacant´s violet-colored logo of a blindfolded tiger is cryptic. Even the address of the event is a mystery: The site says it will happen "Somewhere in REO Town," between 7 and 11 p.m., but gives no more information.

 “You´ll need to use your wits and connections to figure this one out,” notes a blurb on the site. “Be prepared for an all-new kind of experience. Don´t worry, we´ll be in touch with a hint or two.”


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