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Wednesday, December 28,2011

Theater: Some of the best was in the streets

by Tom Helma
My take on the best theater of the year is that it took place on the streets, most noticeably with the surge in flash-mob theater taking place everywhere and then, more recently, in the Occupy political street theater occurring in many cities around the world.

Highly entertaining. 

Shakespeare once noted that all the world is a stage. This may explain why local staged productions of recycled chestnuts of yesteryear are drawing decreasing numbers of audience members.

Yet, if it is of interest, people will come.

Riverwalk Theatre demonstrated this in the fall as record numbers of patrons showed up for a well-performed, entirely unlikeable Nazi-era play, “Conspiracy.” Earlier, Riverwalk had charmed cynical critics with a tender rendition of “Almost Maine.” 

Substance and style seem to be the buzzwords that stick in my mind this year.  You can’t have one without the other. 


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