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Thursday, February 17,2011

Lansing Symphony Orchestra's Catherine Guarino steps down

The director of education and community engagement has been at the LSO for three and a half years

by James Sanford

After three and a half years, Catherine Guarino, Lansing
Symphony Orchestra’s director of education and community engagement, will step
down next Wednesday.

Guarino’s LSO job was changed from full-time to part-time
status in January. She was formerly director of communications and ticket sales, as well as box office and development manager. She has taken a position as a client service advocate for
Jackson National Insurance.

“I have a lot of training ahead of me, but it’s kind of fun
— a new adventure,” she said.

Guarino has a bachelor's degree in music education from Grand Valley State University's Honors College and is a mezzo-soprano who has performed with the Michigan state University Choral Union and Grand Rapids' Red Hand Company.

Leaving the LSO “was a tough decision, but I’m definitely
happy to be staying in Lansing,” she said, adding that she’s “certainly proud
of what I’m leaving behind and what we’ve been able to build.”


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