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Thursday, December 2,2010

Christmas in a cabin

Woldumar Nature Center offers tours — and a visit with Santa

by Kritika Bharadwaj

(Thursday, Dec. 2) One of the main attractions at Woldumar Nature Center is a hand-crafted log cabin built in the 1860s and brought to Lansing in 1890.

On Saturday, Dec. 4, the Nature Center will give visitors a tour of the log cabin. “It’s been done annually,” says Woldumar naturalist Kevin Wernet, “and this is our third year. We’ll basically have (the cabin) open on Saturday, and we’ll have crafts like candle-dipping, holiday decorations, and things like a natural bird feeder and decorating Christmas ornaments.”

Hot chocolate and a visit with Santa will also be included. The event is $2 for Woldumar members and $3 for non-members.

For more information, visit www.woldumar.org or call (517) 322-0030.


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