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Wednesday, November 10,2010


by Readers


An apology to Sparrow

I am personally devastated by the statements I made to Andy Balaskovitz re: my treatment at Sparrow Hospital (“Alexander’s health” 11/3/10). Your November 3 article accurately reflects what I said, but does not accurately reflect the sharing of information with us by the Sparrow Hospital medical team. When I talked with you on the telephone, due to my medical condition I was very tired. As a result, I made the following misstatement to you: "I have a thirty member medical team, and no one’s telling me anything," he said Tuesday.

An accurate statement is that during my 9-day hospitalization at Sparrow Hospital, the multi-disciplinary team working on my case conducted extensive testing and numerous medical procedures to diagnose the cause of my symptoms. As test results were available, Julie and I were immediately and continually informed, and the results were explained and discussed thoroughly and in detail with us. The care I received was outstanding, and we are very impressed with the medical expertise of the Sparrow team and staff.

While the tests have eliminated many causes, a diagnosis has not been made, but we continue to remain optimistic. Thankfully, I am now at home and my condition continues to improve.

— Bob Alexander, East Lansing

What’s the problem?

By your story on the Zoo Society (“Bullied out of the zoo?” 11/3/10), County Commissioners Deb Nolan and Rebecca Bahar-Cook might indeed be bullies. But they’re Democrats, and you endorsed them for re-election. So what’s the problem?

— T.E. Klunzinger, Haslett

’The politics of resentment’

"“It’ll be fun to have business sensibilities at the Capitol,” John Cackowski said (“A GOP frenzy” 11/3/10).": Yes, because business sensibilities have done so much for the nation lately. Snyder rode in on a horse known as the "Politics of Resentment".

— Torrance, From www.lansingcitypulse.com


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