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Wednesday, September 22,2010


Too little too late, Mr. Rogers

by Readers

I received an email from Congressman Mike Rogers about his “online town hall meeting” scheduled for tomorrow, September 21.

What good is an online chat when so many of us have lost jobs, health insurance and homes?

After ten years in Washington, Mr. Rogers wants to go back for a sixth term.

But in all that time, what has he accomplished for us?

Bringing back good jobs and helping families stay in their homes will take a lot more effort than typing on a keyboard for 30 minutes.

Lance Enderle is willing to do the hard work to help Michigan residents get back on their feet. He isn’t afraid to answer tough questions. He’s willing to stand up to special interests (he won’t take money from PACs or lobbyists).I want a real representative in Washington, so I’m voting for Lance on November 2nd.

— Emily DeLaGarza


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