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Wednesday, June 9,2010

Bats, man!

Woldumar show demystifies flying mammals

by Chelsea Balducci

It’s been over a decade since the Cranbrook Institute of Science has been able to travel to Lansing to put on a live educational program about the mammals of the air, but the bats are back at Woldumar Nature Center.

Lack of funding has been an issue in the past, but this year the Organization for Bat Conservation was able to receive funding through Critter Catchers Inc.

"Bats of the World" features five bats, including the Jamaican leaf-noses bat and the rare African fruit bat, which, as its name suggests, eats nothing but fruit.

“It’s really awesome," said Woldumar naturalist Stephaney Guild of the show. "You get pretty close with the bats."

Set aside those terrifying images of blood-sucking vampires: Most bats are insectivores and are completely harmless. The hour-long live interpretive program will be in the RE Olds Anderson Rotary Barn and will be a hands-on event that will include information about the bats’ habitats, diets and survival skills.

"It’s perfect for people who are nervous or scared about bats," Guild said. "They will find out that bats are actually pretty cool.”

’Bats of the World’

2:30 p.m. Saturday, June 12 $5 for Woldumar members; $7 for non-members

Woldumar Nature Center 5739 Old Lansing Rd.

(517) 322-0030


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